Solo Benefits System

But they don’t. You just described it that way.

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I think the solo queue buffs are a good idea. But at times (on low population servers at odd times of the day) you can end up playing the same guys, who have all played together a lot, but are queuing solo and it is pretty rough. I guess these buffs are also a bit bigger than I thought they would be.

The other aspect that is not ideal is when you try to pull together a brand new group of new players and the game is now balanced more for the monsters. In a perfect world I think the system would work how many games the hunters have played together and somehow weight it by that. But I guess that is probably not recorded information?

what, so this solo benefits affect hunt matches too ?

i thought it was only in ranked…

quite the opposite, it is in hunt and not in ranked. Ranked is played primarily by premades anyway so it does not make much sense there.

well it is bad then, looks like i have better chances against a premade team than solo’ers now.

Devs have to understand,
big changes like these should always be as a side beta for testing.

And also they have to understand, any mistakes even tinyyy, could be very detrimental to the game when it is new, it just went f2p. i have brought it up over and over, when new players(or even old) dont like it, they will just leave. it is extremely, extremely sensitive, every single player count.

just 2 days ago, friends and i killed a monster at level 1, no incap. i checked his profile, he’s like a 14 hour player or less. then i start to fear, what if the simple thing we did of beating the monster may actually cause this player to give up the game. what if he dont come back, seeing he cannot damage any of us, no matter what he did. my team was premade and we’re quite experienced.

i have also mentioned before you cannot be too helpful to hunters, even up to this day, experienced hunters dont play with certain basics, endangering themselves and the team. they need to learn, if they dont learn then be punished for it.

everytime you help the hunters, you are holding their hand all the time, not letting them grow up …

i just played as monster, in 2 games. and in both games, there were often a hunter that was too brave, and i thought… ooh i better teach this hunter some manners to move with your team. i was using wraith, there was trapper twice and medic once, in 2 games that were isolated. i could have easily won if they werent careful…

yes, they weren’t. how did i lose ? i can’t incap anyone.

the perks…

the perks enabled them to be agile. as ive said, i’ve caught these hunters alone, it’s not easy to sneak pounce, so i used combos, but no, can’t get them down. i even had ability cooldown perks. it is really frustrating. does the game force us to use certain perks only ?

i dont like the hunter perks. i dont mind loosing a tough game, but whenever it is such a benefit, i wont.

See here are some ideas:
for example, give these perks only to absolute newbies / those with new accounts. After some games, they should not have it. depending how they score.

i’m just a player, i have my own job and studies. i’ll be busy. i’m not a statistician - playing as monster is no fun this way. we dont always have time. also being a fan, our patience is not forever. 1 of my close team mate gave up the game some week ago. he’s a founder with some level 40 characters because of hackers, but my point is – if you’re not careful, player count will be leaving. be very very careful at all changes.

whenever there’s a lot of counselors, the situation will be safe.
ya’ll need to get more elite players and average players to give feedback, see how much the difference. newbie feedback is the least you require, its basic. average players and elitist feedback preferably before implementation. i consider myself average with a tiny buff now for my experience.

when you post something new, then feedback comes, it may be too late.

((oh yeah, the emet health burst with the buoys, really high lol))

This is the beta though.

The reality is that with Stage 2 Beta, we’re going to try things, and change things. We might make mistakes, or go too far, or not do something enough, but since we’re able to update so frequently, we can react. That means something might come out that folks don’t like… ok, we learned, we change, we adapt, we move on.


How are Monster DR perk win rates currently? Personally I feel as a hunter that fighting against double or triple DR is extremely excruciating to put up with.

Partially because I know TRS decided to buff DR perks and then afterwards nerfed hunter DPS perks resulting in some… Weird skewing as far as I can see.

When can we expect these numbers to get tuned again? Its infuriating trying to play monster now, especially broken once you get people who are over 200+ hours in. =-=

The jetpack buff also makes tinkerwhoring more common.

I don’t want to admit it but I think I understand what people are saying about these buffs being pretty strong against monster players.

Previously I wouldn’t have any trouble dealing with 200-400 hour players. But now, I’m seeing at least, 3 decent players on the hunters side, who have no connecton to each other.

I feel like the buffs are exacerbating how much I get punished for a single mistake. These hunters seem to survive with the tiniest bit of health and then catch up to me in no time, without having to cut.

Started happening late last night whilst queueing for hunter but ended up as monster. I don’t know if that means anything.

Well, that’s probably a difference between the crowd of people who purchased a product vs the ones who came in after it was made free. They’re not invested in it.

솔큐버프는 옹호할 가치가 없는 시스템임

솔로로 헌터를 하는 것이 불공평하다? 이걸 부정하는게 절대 아님
그럼 매칭시스템으로 이걸 보완해야함.

예를 들어
mmr이 1000인 헌터 4명이 솔큐에서 만남
그럼 mmr이 1000인 몬스터를 붙여주면 됨

mmr이 1000인 헌터 4명이 4인 파티를 돌림
그럼 mmr이 1200인 몬스터를 붙여주면 됨

이런식으로 매칭시스템으로 보완을 해야 하는 것임

근데 터틀락 이 멍청한 놈들은 매칭시스템을 보완할생각을 안하고
이상한 말도 안되는 pvp게임의 근간을 흐리는 짓을 하고 있음

이거 안없애면 게임망함. 더 빨리 망함.


TL:DR Solo-queue-buff is trash system

Everything that buff solo hunter is trashed

you must upgrade match-making system.

for example)
mmr 1000 solo-hunters -> vs mmr 1000 monster
mmr 1000 party-hunters -> vs mmr 1200 monster

divide hunter and monster mmr.

solo-buff will spoil everything. must be delete.
i love evolve. i dont wanna its gone.

sorry for my english.

Why not remove the solo queue buffs, realy insane… if you have 2 semi good hunters in the game you are in for some unexpected stuff. Still well doable to win if your used to play monster but how is this going to attract more newer players going monster?

Please just don’t focus 120% on making the game noob-pub-friendly,

just my 2 cents atm,


Yes, I agree that the better way to handle this would be through the matchmaking system, but they may be trying to solve the problem of the asymmetrical combat not scaring away newbie hunter players. Also they may just not have enough players, so this might be a bandaid option for them.

I’ve been recently crushed by a full party…
I personally hate parties, whatever the number of people. And mostly the full parties because you obviously lose against hunters that moves everywhere without stopping, camps exploitable areas (to obviously run around a structure if chased), focuses 24H/24H a hunter if he is attacked, waits for you to show up if you are hidding and sticks to you like leeches when you have 3 health bars left.

Theres a big problem I see to this whole deal. They are trying to balance SKILL with PASSIVE STAT boosts. And yes I really 100% believe that the whole premade VS solo thing is entirely a matter of skill. This entire argument falls apart for one simple reason and that is that premades do not have a total monopoly on communication. Its not like solo pubs cant communicate its that they choose not to. They CHOOSE not to. They have access to the same resources that premades do, its not like anything is withheld from them.

So using stats to balance this kind of thing is atrocious because you cant fix the people who handicap themselves or are just plain bad (In every competitive game there are droves of bad players. ESPECIALLY a really complex game like this, to the point that by pure statistics more players are bad than good and so the average player skill is lower.) The issue is that if you buff the lowest denomination than the above average to genuinely talented range get super buffs that they dont really need and then the other side starts getting obliterated so hard its not funny once they come across some decently talented team or solos that communicate. Solos that have honed instincts, skills and willingness to communicate COMPLETELY Sh!T all over monsters in this kind of system, same level of play but WITH the buffs.

Its really quite silly to assume that skilled players only play tournaments or ranked and no one EVER… EVERRRRR!!! communicates in pubs no matter how skilled and experienced (or not) they are. And tbh thats the only scenario this kind of balancing is any way fair for monsters. It would only be fair if solos had communication disabled (yes i know this is a horrid idea and never should be implemented). It pretty much ONLY looks at party composition and throws skill completely out the window which is crap… PvP should ALWAYS be balanced around skill with base stats on hunters/monsters giving a level playing field and plug the gaps with matchmaking. You NEVER want to have a game where one side feels like they are completely crapped on by the mechanics. If someone sucks (monster or hunter no bias here) than they should lose more than they win and if the lions share of the player base sucks than the lions share should lose to the better players, but by outplaying them not passive buff cheese we have now.

Honestly i quit when they bumped the solo buffs to the ridiculous level they have now. Its easy to say on paper that “oh its only a minor increase and it was there all the time bla bla” but the way monsters play has really shifted. Im not a god tier player or anything but i won more than i lost and felt that i could outplay my enemy and even my losses were satisfying but now its like i am constantly freaking harrassed across the tiny maps and feel like no matter what speed or traversal perks i stack i cant get enough breathing room because of map design (tiny maps where good feeding areas are in corners like wraith trap). I can win but it just flat out isnt enjoyable. So i quit until they sort it out. Love this game but i never want the hunt to be painful. And im so freaking tired of playing goliaths… everything else is hell to play for one reason or another… gorgon cuz huge hp buffs on hunter so its even harder to get downs… kelder can never escape (dont like reg kraken) wraith is just sad… and cant buy bob.


No, they are trying to balance the lack of team co-ordination with stat boosts. It’s key to differentiate on this point because TRS believe the lack of pre-made teams detriments games at all skill levels for the hunters through a reduction in teamwork it naturally, usually, brings

I believe TRS are very much aware that this means that some co-ordinated randomers are getting a big buff, but their stats are showing that if it’s happening it’s not happening a large amount. If it looks like a problem they have other avenues they can explore to tune it more.