Solo Benefits System


Hi Monsters and Hunters,

We wanted to get this information out to our community about a system we implemented into Stage 2 to help tackle some issues we saw with the solo queue matchmaking experience. Put simply, Solo Benefits is a system that will give the Hunter team added base stats depending on how many solo queue Hunters are on the team.

Now we know this might sound like crazy talk but we wanted to break down what this change has done for the game in this post and give a glance into what we’re looking towards with the future of Stage 2.

For us maintaining a great gameplay experience across all levels of play is a constant goal for us at Turtle Rock Studios. Solo Benefits is a new type of system for us, but through gathering data and our players feedback we hope to strive closer and closer to that goal we’ve set for ourselves.

Let’s dive into things

Below are the overall winrates for Hunters vs Monsters on each build since the Stage 2 launch.

This is a view of winrates at a high-level (meaning overview of all rounds, no specific filters applied besides build number). If you start applying filters to rounds you will notice that the winrates shift dramatically, giving us insight to problem areas. While some releases may appear 50/50 (looking at 2.01 or 2.04) there are other factors we look at to help us determine what needs changing and where. If you start looking into the winrates low-level (in depth, specific areas and filtering certain things) you quickly start seeing imbalances.

Why solo benefits are needed

The solo experience was less than ideal. We want solo queueing to be a viable option just like queueing up with three friends. The only difference is the huge discrepancy in Hunter coordination. Solo players generally have little/no coordination where full parties have at least some/a lot of coordination. We can only do so much for adjusting numbers on characters so we had to figure out another system to help level the playing field.

The system that makes solo queuing viable

Since the 2.01 update the more solo queuers you have on your team the bigger buff the Hunter team gets. When 2.01 was released we tested the system by adding something subtle to see if it helped. We added +12%/8%/4%/0% max health buffs respective to max party size of 1 (all solos)/2/3/full parties. This immediately brought up the win percentage for Hunters from an overall winrate of 43.5% (2.00/Stage 2 release) to 50% (2.01 release)–which can be seen on the “Win Rates by Build” chart.

This was enough evidence to prove our system worked. Looking deeper into the differences in party sizes, Hunters with solo queuers had a 48% winrate which is much higher than before the solo benefits system was in place. It finally gave solo queuers a chance and made up for the lack of coordination you get queuing by yourself.

If it was near 50%, why have things changed?

Hunters were already strong at high-level. New/low skilled/solo Hunter players were getting ‘pub stomped’ from Monsters while experienced/veteran Hunters were murdering Monsters. The chart below shows the first iteration of the solo benefits system in place.

Since this release we’ve been slowly shifting the meta from near 50% low-skilled players to near 50% high-skilled players and adjusting the solo benefits as we go. You guys have been calling this the 3 weeks of Hunter nerfs but only knew half the story. Alongside shifting the meta we’ve been silently buffing solo benefits to compensate for our changes. What does it look like after 5 weeks of iterating on the solo benefits system? Let’s take a look:

Much closer overall, and less of a curve towards Hunter wins and Monster loses.

So it works! What are the solo benefits? What will change moving forward?

Here’s where the solo benefits sit as of today’s update (2.06):

  • Party Size of 4:
    • None
  • Max Party Size of 3:
    • Max Health increased to 10% from 3.2%
    • Speed increased to 5% from 0%
    • Jetpack Recharge increased to 5% from 0%
  • Max Party Size of 2:
    • Max Health increased to 17% from 13%
    • Speed increased to 10% from 7%
    • Jetpack Recharge increased to 10% from 7%
  • Max Party size of 1 (All solos):
    • Max Health increased to 25% from 20%
    • Speed increased to 12% from 7%
    • Jetpack Recharge increased to 12% from 7%

Are we done yet? No, nor will we ever be. We will keep iterating on this solo benefits system and potentially work on other systems like it to help resolve other problem areas.

Does the solo benefits system ramp down as skill goes up? Not currently, but we’re keeping an eye on things and will adjust accordingly.

Other questions? Let’s talk about them.

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  1. How are perks considered? Especially how is the uneven playing field calculated out of winrates?

  2. what will the system look like when solo hunters are individually skilled?

TRS what are you doing?

Does it mean this system has been already implemented since 2.01 and youve been testing this on us in secret?



not really secret, they told us some weeks ago.


Who do you mean by us? Was it announced officaly in patch notes or similar way?


So… A group of inexperienced friends get nothing. Unfortunate.


no, somewhere in this forum. “inofficially” in a thread.

they just have to “git gud” :wink:


Can you re-phrase or elaborate on these questions? I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking or referring to.

We can see winrates for each perk in each class. Hunters and Monsters have their individual skill regardless if they are in parties or not. If everyone in the game is solo your skill ratings should be close overall, Monster included.

We mentioned we were trying out a system and that it gave solo Hunters some kind of buff but we never said what. We wanted to make sure the system worked and iterate on it before telling you guys more about it :slight_smile:

Your group up friends will be much more coordinated compared to you with 3 other randoms. Coordination and team work goes a long way!


Let’s keep the discussion revolving around the solo benefits system and keep things civil :slight_smile:


You have people with max perks, people with some perks and people with no perks at all (basics). Later ones are at a HUGE disadvantage (uneven playing field) from the start. Do you filter this?


I’m not too concerned about this yet as I am a console pleb, but 1 of my friends recently got Evolve and I’ve been trying to communicate… But it’s hard, ya know. He feels the need to exclame every time he successfully poons the Monster or gets a headshot. Think I’d do better with the solo bonuses than communication like that :joy:


Hey Bud,

Just so you know we’ve had this on for a few weeks now and we’ve seen it do quite a bit to bring up the low level skill against Monsters. The winrate isn’t a clean 50-50 but it is much closer compared to the 65%-70% solo player winrate we had around launch (this was in favor of Monsters).

I’d say to keep an open mind if possible with this system :slight_smile: Keep giving it a try (you have been for 5 weeks already) and let us know how your experience is as the patch goes on.



its been in the system for a while now and they just tell it in this patch… which part did u not understand?


##I think it’s unmoral to pretend these are Solo Benefits.

Extra Credits have a good video on this (It’s time stamped so won’t work for you mobile users):

Basically, the game is already balanced around solo players, which is why the strength of the hunters doesn’t show up before you meet pre-mades.
So how won’t these “SOLO BENEFITS” affect balance at first?
Simply, to make these buffs not be OP they would have to first nerf the hunters, THEN these buffs applies after, compensating. So pub players won’t notice the nerfs, but pre-mades will technically receive de-buffs.

So simply put, these aren’t increased stats for solo players, but decreased stats for group players.
Not saying that the game doesn’t isn’t pre-made favors, but this is the completely wrong way of doing it.

This is restricting pre-mades, not improving pubs and it’s bad game design, needed or not.


If it’s bad game design but works, then it’s not bad game design.


What you just described is how it has happened. Hunters got nerfed to bring premades in line (they were winning 2 out of every 3 matches), now they use solo queue buffs to bring the under powered up.

I think it’s a good start, it clearly works, and it doesn’t mean in the future we won’t see more nuance to the system that helps to further add handicaps based on other factors players bring such as skill level.


some changes are just too big for little minds to grasp :smiling_imp:

The benefits have been in place for quite some time already, which means the games you were playing had them integrated.

I think you need to look at the bigger picture of why the system is here in the first place, instead of going ballistic over an official announcement of something you were unaware of, but has been active for some time.


That’s not how that saying works.
It’s like saying “If the book is bad, but the reader makes it to the end, then the book isn’t bad”.

It’s cool to disagree, but using only a witty one liner and wrong too isn’t as cool.

I know what you mean, but personally I disagree.
To me, a game is supposed to be a sandbox or like a board game, once the rules are set up then you are free to do what you want as long as it’s within them.
This is like having the game say “Whoa, you are buying quite a lot of houses compared to your buddies, I think it’s best if I take the next hotel you get and give it to your friend”.

We already have the game automatically kill the first hunter who gets knocked down to make it easier for the monster to get the first kill.


I’m biased, I called for exactly this kind of system probably a year ago. The fact is that if the rules are set, at least half the people involved in the game are going to have a shitty time. You can’t balance asymmetrical games to work and be fun at casual and hardcore level, it’s not possible. This kind of system was always going to be required to ensure everyone still has fun.

As long as changes get made so that monsters facing “psuedo-premade” solo queue teams don’t find it obscenely difficult when that starts to become a factor, then I’m totally cool with it and applaud its use.

Edit: To be clear on what I mean here… right now it’s kind of like the game is balanced at 4 different levels. You could presume that hunters now all have 2400HP and higher move speed and jetpack recharge across the board. Just imagine that was the case for everyone instead of just for 4 solo queue hunters, and the results for monster vs hunters is almost 50/50. This system allows for defined segments of players to get their own balance stats.

This was most certainly a buff for the hunters, and not the monster, in general