Solid Hunter Team looking to play Monsters (Xbox One)


Bearkillers team here. Would like to play against some good monsters. Send a message to me (Woyldman) if any monsters want to play against a good hunter team on Xbox One.


I want a rematch…That was my first loss.



Sure thing :slight_smile: Hit us up on xbox, we’re ready to play now if you want.


Playing with my hunters now, but I’d definitely like a challenge when I’m playing monster :smile:!


Sorry, I was a little busy. I’ll send you a message on XBOX when I’m available, whenever that may be.


Team is on now if anyone wants to play :slight_smile:


Yes add me\

Gt: Bubble Boy14


Very good team and legit, they handed me my first lose and kicked my ass in other games.


Yeah great games man. I don’t know if you planned on using the sloths to murder us for those last two, but the damn things butchered us lol.


Definitely enjoyed playing against you. Good to play against good people :slight_smile: A nice to change to playing pub matches haha


Team is ready to play if any monsters want in. Just send me a message (Woyldman) if you want to face some good competition :slight_smile:


damnit, my search for a ps4 team to go against continues!


Team is on again. Looking for a good monster to play against on Xbox One.