"Sole Survivor" Hunter Dialogue



NOTE: Watch in high definition if you want to see the subtitles since the dialogue can be rather soft or get drowned out by the surrouding noises.

Decided to compile some “Sole Survivor” dialogue for the Hunters. It is rather rare for some Hunters, like Lazarus, to be killed last so I figured it would be interesting to hear what they say when they’re the last Hunter standing. In the end, I decided to try and record the “Sole Survivor” dialogue for all Hunters and I discovered that some have tiny bits of lore or backstory in their dialogue (like Lazarus and Val working alone in the battle of Cord of Fear and Basilisk Mission respectively).

This is still a work in progress so only some of the Hunter’s sole survivor dialogues were recorded. If this gets enough attention, I’ll move on to the rest and perhaps include extra recorded dialogues and instances where I survived as the last Hunter with the Monster on the my tail long enough for the rest to respawn. Only the following Hunters have their sole survivor dialogue recorded:

  • Bucket
  • Cabot
  • Caira
  • Hyde
  • Lazarus
  • Val


Great work! Can’t wait for them from my main, laz


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Nevermind, laz is in it. derp