Sol Guard Hunter?


So do you think it’s possible for a Sol Guard to be one of the Hunters?

As you can see the Sol Guard is equipped with a jetpack, maybe everyone has a jetpack in the planet of Shear but like what if one Guard went rogue?

It’d be cool and what do you think his class would be?


I’m pretty sure Parnell was former Sol Guard.


I thought he was Rage Tropper? Or is that under Sol Guard?


The Rage Trooper program was an experimental program that Hub did with Sol Guard operatives to attempt to create super soldiers. At least, that’s how I’ve always understood it. Don’t take my word for it.


Wait got it right here on wiki

“After leaving Sol Guard, Parnell went mercenary as commander of the Sword for three years.”

He left Sol Guard but yea he was a part of it


Anyways I was meaning how Val went on “Vacation” as a CIG9 unit in the crew but what if a rouge Sol Guard were to help and join the team and Sol Guard is trying to kill him because he knows something. Just a thought


Val’s not really on vacation. Her mission was to join Cabot’s crew and learn as much information as she can about the monsters.

And technically Parnell is rogue Sol Guard, but yeah, I guess that’d be cool.


Well I said vacation because in a dialogue she had said that


Parnell doesn’t look like a Sol Guard trooper, because he’s wearing the Berserker armor.


But he was in a different division, and (I know this is bad but) wiki said that he left Sol Guard after the division was shut down.


Parnell adaptation confirmed. Sol Guard armor. :stuck_out_tongue:


Were the Chemtroopers and Lazarus Men subgroups of Sol Guard like the rage Troopers?


Parnell was a part of the Soul Guard.


[size=8]walks away slowly…[/size]



Chemtroopers were a regiment of infantry.

Lazarus Men were privately contracted specialists typically ordered at one per company.


dafuq iz sol gard


I’m pretty sure Sol Guard is an army, but like for Hub, or you know Earth and it’s territories and whatnot.


ive never heard of them are they like ebonstar soldier


Not exactly.

EbonStar is a private military company. They have a Hq or foundation at Earth, which is part of Hub, and are willing to split from Hub and be independent. EbonStar signed or made a contract with Nordita for some land in Shear. Nordita, Celestial, Rank-Rajat, Pitre, Earhardt Organics (of which Salverin is a division of), and now EbonStar were trying to break free, especially after finding bohrium. But Monsters came, and uh… yeah.

Sol Guard is the military of Hub. The Basilisk Nebula was where the Bode’s world rebellion started, where they were trying to break free from Hub. The Soul Guard crushed them. As Matthew stated above, the ChemTroopers were part of the infantry and the Lazaruz men were privately ordered at one per company.



How could you not know who they are?!

Go on Evolve Wiki and search Sol Guard