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Hey I’ll think that biggest problem evolve has right now is the lack of communication or cohesion in the hunter team in skirmish, I was thinking that maybe we could implement a way of connecting players to players, a way to sell your services like " hey I’m a support player, any medic/assault/trapper that wants to make a team right now? Kind of like becoming a free agent on mlg. 2. Another idea could be a different skirmish option where you would have two choices; play as monster and get garrenteed monster games or join this skirmish as a premade hunter team. You would not be allowed to join as a hunter by yourself in this version of skimish, this would monster play in pubs a little more challenging and exciting since you would be going up against premade’s 24/7. Food for thought, pls leave any comments about what you think abut my idea.

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This Way of connecting players should be simple and fast, and give you a selection of players who are also looking to be part of a team to choose and connect to via messages or amother for communication.

We do have that.

We have a lot of other threads too. You can find them here:

I believe he means queued in game (I may be wrong) in which case this should be under suggestions.

I don’t need to find players for myself, but I think an on console social platform would be great for casuals since most of them don’t use this website.

Yeah and as platform specific social part of the game, it would be fast and simple, but of course this is an idea at most

Will there also be a way to connect players on console too? Hype for this though!

Well, there is huge lists of people GTs and PSN IDs so yeah. Basically you can find people and what they prefer there, then you look their ID up to see if they are online. If they are, and you like them, then you could become permanent scrim partners. Or just find more people.

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