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I’m not sure how many others here are currently into this stuff, but I wanted to make a post about it all seeing as how I used to be involved and am getting back involved with such things.

I’ve been a streamer since roughly 2011 off and on and only now made a more recent move to attempt to do it often again.

Not only have I decided to stream like I used to (Hold marathon streams, Charity Streams, Giveaways), I’ve also taken to the world of YouTube and Twitter to share my shenanigans for everyone to see.

For example, on my youtube channel I will be posting my unboxing videos of my newly acquired LootCrate services, which should be a blast along with using Twitter as a means to share my life to those who follow and such.

Annnnyways, if anyone would like to share their own social media outlets, here would be a great place than any.

I personally could use some more followers on twitter, youtube and twitch! Don’t worry though, you won’t find myself trying to wh*** myself out on every thread or bumping a post saying HEY I AM LIVE ON TWITCH…I prefer getting people to follow and watch the old fashioned way, with free stuff!

My Twitter Page
My TwitchTV Page
My Youtube Page


Oh gosh, well let’s see I normally just record short clips on my XB1 and upload them to my YT channel and that’s about it! I do indeed have a Twitch account but I’ve never actually streamed anything before, I might stream Evolve when it comes out though (or the Beta if it’s allowed!), it should be fun!

[My YouTube Channel][3]

[My Twitch Account][2]

[My Twitter Account][1]

You know, how do you do that thing where the link is in your own words? I’ve done it on a different forum before but it might be different here. >.<


Yay! Links!

The coding here for making custom links is a little weird, you can either click the chain icon in the reply box (Next to the Quotation Marks) or do it the hard way such as this…


What the above will do is make the link, and utilize the Custom link name you specify. It’s a little different but you get the idea of it after a bit of usage


Oh my gosh, you’re a genius, it worked! Thank you very much! :smiley:


Basically think of the numbers as a list. Each number corresponds to a specific link and each link can be custom in that regards



I just recently started streaming at the end of May 2014. My channel is still pretty small, but I have been working hard on growing it through social media and being an interactive streamer :smile: I love when I can chat with viewers while playing, makes it 100% more fun! I’ve been playing a lot of Firefall recently, but I’m always looking for new fun games! Can’t wait for Evolve!

Here are my links:





Also, I just wanted to mention that this Sat. (Aug. 9th) I will be holding a 6 hour Extra Life charity stream to help raise awareness and hopefully some money for a Children’s Hospital. I’m going to be starting at 5pm EST if anyone is interested. Here is my Extra Life link if anyone wants to donate or just check it out:


Everyone needs more subs:




I’ll admit that I’m most active on Twitter, however I do intend to stream more once I really figure out how to get it set up properly. YouTube is hit or miss, but come on, you can spare a sub can’t you??? I promise to sub/follow anyone that does the same for me, so if nothing else do it for selfish reasons.

Also, @Slayus, good job on being an Extra Lifer! This will be my first year doing it. I’m pretty geeked.


@tommy290 I followed and subbed on everything you posted :smile:

This will me my second year doing Extra Life. First year I didn’t really raise much money and wasn’t even on a team.

This year I am starting early, hence the 6 hour stream I will be doing tomorrow. Even though I am not popular on Twitch yet, I hope to raise at least some of my goal.


I typically will end up doing just LootCrate unboxings for now on my Youtube, since otherwise I have been busy

My biggest issue currently, is that I am in the midst of a possible move/life change so most of my social media has been dry of content.

Hell, I haven’t even streamed lately because of things, when back in the day under my old channel name I’d stream daily and had roughly 500 followers.

I opted to get back into the swing of things but right now it’s just not good timing to go all gung ho with everything, considering the factors taking place right now for me.