SoCal MS Launch Party


So who else from the forums is going to the Launch Party at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa? Also yes some of the devs will be at this one, also Major Nelson for what it’s worth

details at this link


Would love some game to do a launch party around here one day. Nothing happens around here. Ever.


i may end up going. Might be kinda fun.


socal is lucky. i got to go to the offical d3 launch in irvine lol and all the devs were there


MS all acting cool with their new gears game, no sony fans allowed inside?


you seem salty


I’ll be there :smiley:


Yeap i’ll fly from Greece there.

Lol j/k ofc i wont.But it will be good.Many devs of TRS will be there


how rude. 10 characters


I shall be there :smiley:


I plan on being there.


If you are there, I may inadvertently find myself there…

###Not a Stalker. =P