So, you're monster ? well... you have two problems now: Slim & Crow


Crow - yet another pre-nerf Cabot. Damage seems comparable to assault.
Slim - two words: spore cloud. You just cannot see them. Good luck fighting invisible ghosts…


I’ve fought my share of both and I can say this: Slim is easily put down when you focus him. He can’t heal as much with Heal Burst on himself, making it easy pickings.

Spore cloud IS annoying, but it’s radius is small and the arena is big. Roll around, spam AoE like lightning and fissure or firebreath, and you can hear them get hit.

Crow: More worried for Gobi. He finds the monster faster than the other hunters, but you can still run away. His charge beam is slow and obstructed easily.

Do they need tweaks? Yes. But I don’t see those listed problems as an issue.


hey do you know if when gobi spots u the monster is notified? either by a notification or that your highlighted in yellow like cabots dust tag?

that will be a big indicator on how to handle gobi


yeah, spores are annoying, but can everyone stop complaining about crow? he hardly does any damage at all.


there isn’t an indicator. :smile:
I feel it’s fair, though. Vision lasts a few seconds.

That, AND Gobi makes a REALLY loud flapping and clicking noise.


so u can hear gobi coming then? cuz i was thinking of keepin an eye out. then “bolting” in one direction until i see it disappear. then dip the other way since crow will more than likely fire gobi in the direction your heading in hopes to keep eyes on you.


When you hear him, head in one direction and keep sniffing. If they aren’t splitting up, run the other direction. But you are better than found when you got a Gobi on you.

Also, you can run into caves and Gobi can’t fly around them. It’s a skill-shot and I accidentally hit a tree with Gobi, he stopped in his tracks.


Actually, I realized now I am not sure if it was because of Crow or Slim. I mean that strong damage.
I used to think medic is not bringing significant dps - and of course Slim is doing substantial damage now.

Anyway - against a hunters team with Slim+Sunny+Crow + some assault - my health was going down like against good CCMM team before nerf… :confused:


that’s probably because sunny’s nukes are way too strong. played her once today and after the first hit i got mastery to 25%. probably hit behemoths giant headshot area, because after 3-4 more hits i was at ~50% mastery and the monster was dead (did a lot of jet-boosting to get people out of harms way).


Slim doesn’t does much healing. I’m not sure how good is the healing drone, but still his healing burst isn’t that powerful. Slim must find creatures or the monster in order to heal as much as possible.


I cannot agree. In my assessment his healing ratio is comparable to Caira (though I am not sure how about healing himself - perhaps indeed it is much weaker). Anyway: I got hunter down with Kraken and was spamming him Vortex lvl 3 + Lightning lvl 3. I could barely break Slim heals - like with Caira.
I mean … “like with Caira” with one difference: all this time Slim was ALSO SHOOTING me :confused:


With the healing burst itself? Hmm, I thought slim was going to be less than Caira. Well he is 4th tier! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I played about 2 premades in all my games today with T4 now and the healing output is crazy if the Slim can actually aim. Paired with Hank or Sunny those games were insanely hectic 20 minute fights as Wraith.
Gobi in the hands of a competent Trapper makes it really bloody hard to get away from the Hunters to even get those 10 seconds to evolve to evo2. And the slow… holy crap. If you actually get hit by a charged shot you may as well stop moving altogether and try yourself on the awkward pounce dance if your traversals are out. You’ll get punished pretty hard by the whole T4 setup if you actually try to commit to a strike. Especially with Torvald melting faces even better than Hyde right now :fire: poor Hyde, he sure does love his melting faces though


You glow yellow as if shot by a tranq or dust tagged


It’s definitely Slim.


its crow cuz crow ignores armor and does damage direct to health


In my honest opinion they really need to alter the cooldown reduction per shot with slim, or significantly reduce how much he is healing.

Using a Tier 3 Kraken with 75% total Cooldown reduction, I could drop him to 25% before he full healed in less than 6 seconds all the while shooting me and spamming the heal burst.

so… for short… Slim needs leech gun nerfed (in the aspect of how much healing burst cooldown reduction it does) by around 50% due to the fact 2x the aoe and he is currently spamming it every 4 second or so.


Slim needs 50% reduction of his current self healing capacity. Slim is currently capable of facetanking Stage 3, Tier 3 Monsters.


Im not impressed but Slim yet.

My only issue with Crow is his rifle. Armor is something the monster needs and he just ignores it. Not to mention the stasis bullshit. Im fine with Gobi however because that’s pretty much what Daisy should’ve been.

Im just going to play Goliath until they nerf Crow and no one plays him again.


Simple answer. Follow these guild lines and you will win for sure.




Victory Roar


Crow’s rifle blows ass. It does awful damage. The stasis is also fine. It’s a skillshot that has to be charged. More difficulty = higher reward.