So you're monster, pick your easiest win

Pick who you think you would destroy easiest?

For me


Sadly bucket. Sorry @Sentry_Gun

I meant pick the worst team. :slight_smile:

lol i read it wrong my bad.

Laz, Cabot, Crow, Lennox.
(Worst team comp. Imo)

but but…thats tons of damage!

Id go with bucket caira griffin torvald. no synergies. just random bullets everywhere.

Laz Bucket Abe Parnell

No one can play any of these characters effectively in pubs.


Honestly imo Lennox and Cabot are a really bad matchup anyone calling that OP is just bad.

you dont like the 8x multiplier? its not op cuz it drains so fast. but it is effective. throw caira in there with a maggie or crow for slows. it can do good.

Thats why its a bad comp. because when I go against it they never get to 8x multiplier and by the time my armor is down Cabot is down and im already focusing Lennox.

Bucket, Torvald, Abe, and Val will be the easiest comp to beat in my opinion.

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you threw laz in there thats why lol.

but i get what you mean. I like parnell cabot better tbh. 8x takes too long. rather have 2x from parnells super shotty.

(As Goliath)

Val - Cabot - Crow/Maggie - Torvald

Cabot with any assault is good. I think your opinion on cabot and lennox is underated, she has already been used in that compo in th pc esl tourney and has been rather successfull against hypes monster Bronc and legendary. Dont make to hastefull decisions :slight_smile:

I know Cabot and Assaults are really good but I just think that IMO Lennox and Cabot is probably the worst.

Val,Bucket,Crow I guess?,Torvald

It’s ok xD

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My easiest team comp to play against is prob any team with bucket and any trapper that does not have harpoons and not slim :stuck_out_tongue:

Lennox -I have a very mobile playstyle, so she will have problems using her lance on me.
Abe -He is good, but CC hurt my playstyle more than extra damage.
Val/Laz -Not your nr.1 pub medics. In higher levels the medics are pretty equal so it doesn’t matter.
Bucket -Only his UAV is usefull. All five turrets to a bit more damage than Markov’s lightning gun.

Laz, Cabot, Griffin, Torvald against my Kraken.

Worst team comp… Val/slim/Laz, Bucket, Abe, Lennox