So You Think You Can Cast? (EXTENDED DEADLINE: Oct. 24th!)


UPDATE: I apologize for letting you guys know about this competition on such short notice. Because the deadline was only a couple of days from this post, I’ve decided to extend the competition to next Saturday, October 24th at 3pm PDT. A lot of you expressed interest in entering, but could not on such short notice, so here’s another week to enter!

Go4Evolve will still happen on Sunday, October 18th on the StealthShampoo Twitch channel.

As you may all be aware, we are down 1 caster for Go4Evolve. Do you have what it takes to cast the best of the best as they engage in 4v1 combat?

I’m Nicky from StealthShampoo, you all may recognize me from Black_Aegis’ Sunday casts. Dan is unfortunately unable to continue casting, so we’re going to need someone to fill his spot.

This is where you all come in. If you’re an aspiring caster, now is your chance to get in the casting game.

Auditions are being held right now, and submissions will be closed by Saturday, October 17th at 12:01am. Winners will be contacted by Saturday, October 17th at 11am PDT.

Here’s how to submit your entry:

  1. Download one of the clips listed below.
  2. Cast over the entire clip in 1 take, but you can trim the loading screens at the beginning and end as you see fit. Your post game analysis may also go longer than the end of the clip. Splice the clip and your casting together, and upload it to YouTube.
  3. Send a DM on Twitter to @StealthShampoo with your uploaded entry linked and your Twitch handle (Nicky’s DMs are always open). Also let me know of your previous competitive experience on Evolve (tournament participations, wins, or just a viewer?) You can put this information in the actual video if you’d like or write it in the message.

Clips (you only need to pick 1, or you can do both and send in your best clip, but only send in 1!):

In this initial casting period, you will be judged on:
A. Mic quality
B. Your ability to make words come out of your mouth, the happier it makes peoples’ ears the better.

Also please adhere to Nicky’s Quick Guide to Casting:



First (and probably most obviously), be sure we can hear you! You can reduce the volume of the clip, but also be sure that your mic is at a decent volume.

As far as a microphone goes, I don’t expect you to have a $500 audio setup with a condenser, preamp, compressor, and mixer like Nicky, but I do expect you not to be using your laptop’s built in webcam mic.

Audio quality is extremely important for casters. Please be sure background noise is minimal, and you’re not casting in a room with terrible acoustics (typically being in a room with all wood flooring or a garage won’t sound very good.)


Your webcam is not required for this audition phase, but will be required if you are going to be moving forward as a caster. I recommend the Logitech C920, but a webcam that can do at least 720p is fine.


Just be sure you aren’t sitting in the dark. I recommend a standard 3-point lighting setup if you can (key, fill, and background).


ESL starts Sunday, October 18th at 11:00 am PDT. Caster’s call time is always 30 minutes before the cast starts, this cast’s call time is at 10:30 am PDT. End times and breaks are not scheduled, so please be sure you are able to cast the entire duration of the tournament. You can expect them to run anywhere from an average of 3-4 hours to up to 7-8 (that’s a huge amount of teams and tiebreaker rounds). I recommend stuffing your face with food before the cast and sprinting to the bathroom during breaks.

Game knowledge:

One responsibility of a caster is to be able to analyze high-level gameplay and articulate it in a way newer or less experienced players are able to understand. Why did Hank take Capacity (for the billionth time)? How did changes to the reload and capacity perk impact Caira? Why does every Monster run down Sloth Ally on Fusion Plant?

Basic knowledge of team players and team accolades is great as well. Who has won the most Go4Evolve cups, and who is on that team? Who won the TRS invitationals? Who emerged victorious at Poland? (Strangely enough, all those questions have the same answer.) Who is playing for what team, and would you be able to recognize if a well-known Monster player is also on Hunters, or if someone is outside of their usual role?

Speaking ability:

Of course, being able to chain together a competent string of words analyzing a particular event .1 seconds after it happened is important. If you stumble over your words or aren’t sure how to fill dead air, this may not be the place for you.

Speaking of dead air, casters can do one of two things during lobby screens: banter or analyze gameplay. “In the previous round, StealthShampoo was able to wipe out the entirety of Team Idiots at stage 1 because their Laz walked off the map!”

After the analysis is done, talking about other things to fill the time until the next match is a good idea (also called banter). “I’ve been playing x new release this weekend, that’s been a lot of fun!” It gives casters personality when they’re able to talk between rounds about other things. Even at stage 1 where for the billionth time Monsters run to the south side of the map on Armory it’s good to banter, instead of analyzing “he’s eating the free three bodies in the middle of the map!” for the billionth time.

The main thing is, dead air needs to be filled. Give your co caster time to take a sip of water or catch their breath.

Chemistry between casters is also helpful. We are not taking turns speaking, we are working together to break down the game to the audience, making it understandable to newer players while older players can still learn something.

Being able to filter swear words out is also important. I personally don’t give a flying fudge if you swear around me, but we want these games to be professional and presentable.


Winner(s) (if any) will be contacted by Saturday, October 17th at 11am if they have been chosen to cast. This position is only for this upcoming cast on the 18th. Depending on how many decent entries I receive, I may decide to give the casting spot the following Sunday to someone else to give other casters a chance.

Winning this competition does not necessarily give you a permanent casting spot with me (although you could always organize your own thing!), I’m just looking to fill the spots for a couple upcoming Sundays.

My expectations for a permanent co-caster are high, and if you are able to prove yourself on a couple of Sunday spots, then a more rigid, permanent caster MAY be decided.

Best of luck, I look forward to seeing your entries.

-Nicky from StealthShampoo

Regarding Black_Aegis and The Future of Competitive Evolve
Does trs need a new caster?


Would I love to do this! Yes! Do people want a 15 yr old announcing? No! That, and I’m majorly shy…


Man, today is CRA-CRA. I will be applying for this Sunday’s cast, so who knows, Tatl-Shampoo this Sunday? But awkwardly… I already applied for a permanent casting role just this morning. :’(


I’ll see if I can move some work schedules around, cuz this would be exceptionally awesome.
Edit: Sent it in.


I would consider doing this but I’m going to be very busy with a job soon and I’m in college so not sure I could commit properly. I would also have to work on my tripping over words every once in a while.


And you would need to silence your dog… :smile:


I wish it’d be possible for many observers to join custom games rather than just one. Then whoever want to cast Sunday cups would be able to do it solo, in case they don’t want to co-cast with someone else.


would be cool but unfortunately I can’t quite master the aegis mute


I would totally apply if I were at a different place in my life. <3
All the best to those of you who are planning on submitting applications!!

Especially @TatlTael because i’m crazy biased, hehe.


I would love to do this but unfortunately I am unable to stream which I am assuming is a main factor in this.


I will actually not be applying for the cast with StealthShampoo. Nothing official yet and no contract has been set down, but I am currently in talks with other opportunities right now.

Thank you though <3


Yay!! I’m cheering for you, regardless of what happens. ^-^


I’d apply for this had it not been for the fact my only mic is a built in laptop mic…;-;


Sounds hella fun, im in.


Dammit Tatl, you’re the best caster we’ve had T_T. Up to date and well versed in the meta.


I am not casting with StealthShampoo… I never said I wasn’t casting this weekend :wink:


Nicky, if you want to talk. Feel free to e-mail/Steam.


most humble, sweet, considerate caster ever … ever ever . :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .