So you think English [or your native tongue] is hard? Try translating this in an hour!

Sorry I have to use an image for this, thought I could find the passage online. Also sorry for the writing all over it (someone had this book before me). Nevertheless, BEHOLD!

Latin is so much easier than English. If English had declensions I would be so happy.

We’ve been learning all about present subjunctives and PPPs and worst of all, passive words that are actually not passive! It’s terrible D:

I still find English easier tho.

I can write English better than i do with my native language(Greek)

I find English easy just cause I’ve grown up with lol. Latin hurts my brain, but not as much as Spanish (I think i just wasn’t good at the oral stuff, at least latin’s all writing lol)

Hrmm… Calendar Year 9 A.D. October. The consuls M. Cicerone and C Antonio, C. Octavius is born, that afterwards first leader Rome he became.

UGH, I hate conjugation of latin…

In the Calendar Year October, 9 A.D., the Conculs M. Cicerone & C Antonio became leaders of Rome, and C Octavius was born after.

That… doesn’t sound quite right. Four years of the stuff and I still can’t read it/write it.

BUT… it was a GREAT help in understanding the basics of english vocabulary.

The only thing I walked away from with latin was a tip from my teacher.

Semper ubi sub ubi.

Wtf is that Mexican

First part in a couple of minutes :smiley:

The Ix January. October, Marcus Cicero and Caius Antonius, was born
Gaius Octavius, was made a Roman who later became the first ruler of
the. With four years completed, the father died; Gaius then fed by his
mother, Atia.
Translation by Google Translate

You catch the drift why I don’t bother to use my french to correct the obvious weirdness

@AlbinoGoliath Can you decipher it

why are you bringing me every where
i cant believe its not butter

I challenge you to read it to me. I would be VERY impressed if you could! :wink:

So would a linguist…

I don’t know. I prefer Egyptian hieroglyphs

I could probably translate eventually, but it would take like at least and hour and a half. I already have the first two paragraphs done with part of the third. However, it’s not for a grade and I’m tempted not to do it. lol

It would be hard to speak proper Latin anyway, considering the language is extinct. :stuck_out_tongue: