So you have to kill the map effect minion in nest as well to win


So ya, like the title says. Kinda dumb not to have it mentioned anywhere tbh. Just lost a nest game even though we destroyed all eggs. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that don’t know yet.


Happened to me last night. Caught us by surprise and we lost. Kind of a bummer


Yep. I was very surprised and it ruined a great getaway victory for me and my team.


Map-Based minion? You mean the one from that map effect? That may be a bug, actually.


Are you talking about the fact that the monster can hatch an egg, and thus sacrifice one for a minion? Because that is totally explained in the tut, and yes you do need to kill that minion.


… No. I mean the minion from map effect. The one that isn’t hatched. Not sure why people would even vote for nest when the monster already has a minion to start.


Exactly. I’m hoping its a bug because it seems unfair IMO.


I think that may be a bug. Because it’s technically the same thing, so the game wouldn’t have a way to distinguish.


Either live with the way it is now or find yourself against two minions, because a monster can’t hatch a egg if he has this map effect.


… What? I never said anything to elicit such a response. I frankly do not care- I merely expressed the theory that it may be unintentional on TRS’s part.


What? It makes more sense for it to have 2 minions then it does for hunters to kill a map effect minion. There’s no reason why hunters should have to kill the minion after destroying all 6 eggs which, mind you, isn’t easy to do when Wraith is breathing down your neck. My team completed the objective of Nest. My team won, yet it says we lost. Sorry but it makes no sense.