So you guys have been talking the next Micropatch lately


Well you certainly aren’t doing what you ask of others. If you’re going to detract someone’s argument or opinion, at least give a reason why you think so. “I don’t think so” doesn’t quite count as a counter-argument does it? I think we’re all mature enough to have a proper discussion rather than saying something without anything backing it up.

Anywho, this is getting off-topic and I don’t want to clutter the post with more replies such as these. If a stealth wraith is what you want, might want to hold until the variation. Maybe they’ll make a version of wraith for that purpose without it being a FT3 fiesta.


If you read my previous posts, you’ll find my argument on this topic.
I said “I don’t think so” because I didn’t want to rewrite everything.


You’re being flagged for your passive aggression is my guess. Telling someone they need “training” based on the things they said and telling them they’re pretty much not entitled to speak unless they play with you is kind of… Not cool. Everyone here is entitled to their own opinion, you shouldn’t really tell them otherwise.

I said it last night to everyone, but I’ll say it again. Tone it down and try to have a mature, nicer debate.


I won’t tell anybody they need training.
But actually I never told anybody that they “aren’t entitled to speak”. All I said is that playing with the people I argue with can strengthen my arguments, and that I don’t believe they have the right to make statements without letting me do my best to support what I said.
I also never tried to force anybody into changing their opinions. I just acted sarcastic to the people who didn’t back themselves up.


I’m glad it’s being changed. If the majority of wraith players felt like it was unreliable and mostly useless then it doesn’t matter if one out of 20 wraiths found a way to make it actually do something. It still doesn’t change the fact that it’s nearly useless for the other 19 wraiths.

I am one of those 19 wraiths who doesn’t want to play roulette whenever I use decoy and I welcome any change.


I don’t literally mean that you said nobody’s entitled to speak. It’s the way that you word things that make you seem like you have more rights than others. You said[quote=“potatolord52, post:609, topic:80131”]
Perhaps I can play with you and you might learn something useful. We could also settle some arguments.My gamertag is in my profile description. Otherwise, stop saying random stuff.
So basically, you are telling Tiger, that unless he adds you on xbox(?), (and might I add the game is multiplatform, and that he might not be on Xbox) he should stop saying “random stuff”- which, from what I read, wasn’t actually random stuff. It was on topic and towards the discussion, part of the debate might I say.

You’re new to the forums, I saw that much. So I might redirect you to this too.

From here on out, try to tone down your “sarcasm” as you so call it, because it’s clearly not putting you in a good spotlight.


Why you don’t think so?


Devs are trying to bring more people to game and make the experience less frustrating and much more enjoying for them, so they will stick with game.

Now the stun lock the Wraith is capable of is bit silly.

Not talking about 2 Wraiths stun locking you.

Thats why I am hoping they will ballance it somehow so it will not frustrate hell out of new players


The problem is, the way you’re talking to other people, even if they agree with you, makes them want to take the other side on general principle.

Personally I like the idea of a stealth monster but it’s hard to implement in an asymmetrical multiplayer game. Decoy has been both massively overpowered and completely useless in this games short lifespan already, as sad as it might be it just isn’t working out.

Maybe in evolve 2…

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Does that mean Lazarus’s revive device has to go…? i’d say that’s a more worser game mechanic than the Decoy was.

like someone said in a earlier post why not just make this new Wraith on the adaptation and just adjust the decoy a little not a complete overhaul?


Nein! They must buff the corpse timer back to 45 seconds!

TRS pls don’t let one of my fav chars die.

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I’ll be friendly now, but I feel like I would be doing even less that way.
I don’t see why the developers don’t simply implement their different ideas into the wraith adaptation.
There is very little to lose for everybody in doing this, and the game will be ten times better since, as I’ve mentioned before, people tend to use monster variations more than the original monsters.
Look past me, take all I’ve said out of your minds.
Now that you forgot about me, don’t you think what I said is a good idea?


People have had the same T1 characters for nearly a year. New versions of them came out with different styles of play, so people are excited about them and will continue to use them until their dopamine runs out.

However, they aren’t really picked more than the originals. The biggest one is Val and R. Val. And even Goliath and M. Goliath are in a similar boat. And TSH, although considered balanced or slightly UP , is picked but definitely not as much a hank. And Maggie just released.

The only one that’s probably picked more than the original with to matter would be markov.

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Among casuals, variations are picked more often.
Among professionals, variations and originals are equally often picked.
Among professionals, the Wraith is balanced and the decoy too.
Among casuals, the decoy is unbalanced.

There would be perfect synergy if the devs made the variation with the new version of decoy, because it would be used a lot in casual matches, where it is appreciated for not being “annoying”, and there wouldn’t be any problem for pros to pick the original because the original doesn’t matter too much to them.

This is an obvious, friendly and good solution for everybody.
Why do we have to take out an immensely fun playstyle and get much less in return?


Keep in mind that with the decoy rework, we gain the ability to warp and use abilities again. Meaning you can use the decoy, and warp behind the hunters using things like rocks and objects to block the view. Same thing for escaping.

We lose the invisibility, but we gain the ability to move freely like we used to.


Wraith buff: Gets a dirty white cargo van


Tell me you can’t sky wraith with it…


I would rather have TWO viable versions than a useful adaption and the current decoy derper.

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The more monster plus the fact that among casuals variations are used more often and pros don’t really get bothered by the original Wraith means that the amount of times you are going to meet an original Wraith are going to be severely reduced.
After all, no game will ever be perfect, and you have to admit that we could all easily handle a match or two once in a while with the original Wraith.
And another plus, is that sometimes that original Wraith isn’t going to use decoy as its main ability, which will decrease your chances of meeting a flee-till-3’er even further.
Honestly I can’t find anything to complain about this system, considering new monsters are coming to the game continuously.
There is no reason to sacrifice the original Wraith for the single time out of 150 matches that you are going to fight against a flee-till-3’er. It is unfair because many of us like the Wraith’s decoy as it is, while at the same time, we aren’t flee-till-3’ers. Too much bad done for too little good.


I already told you a thousand times that I don’t care if I’m going to be more powerful than I am now.
All I care about is to preserve this original concept and ability instead of becoming more powerful but sacrificing the decoy for an unoriginal minion.

Again, I don’t care about being more powerful. I just care about keeping such a cool ability in the game.