So you guys have been talking the next Micropatch lately


And we were thinking…

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What are we looking at?

Oh… wait… the gif didn’t load right away and… oohhh…


Now this is interesting…

Now the only concern is how reliable is Decoy in a fight?


Is that… A decoy without making you invisibru?


And the decoy… Stays when wraith fights?


Looks like a Decoy that doesn’t make you invis, and doesn’t vanish when you attack.


I know what your doing, and i don’t like it, replacing the wraith invis with the ability to attack will make her nearly unstoppable…


Oh god, I want that… I cannot wait for this next TU if that’s being implemented!


Yes but now she can’t just Flee-Till-3 anymore and just cloak and run. Now she pretty much has to fight.

Unless boring invisible running away Wraith’s is what you enjoy…


Those of us who play the a-typical aggressive Wraith, this is a god send. I’m wondering how they’re going to handle the damage it’s going to put out though. SN with that will be particularly painful for Assault with a shield…


This is a complete reworking of an ability. I thought they weren’t wanting to do those things?


I quite like it. Is it just the invisibility and being able to attack with decoy staying up that has changed here? Or has anything else been altered like decoys damage?


Ooooooo. This looks very interesting. Hype level: 5.6


Wait, is this legitimately happening or is it a bug? O.o


If this is a legit rework can we have confirmation that the damage on Decoy is getting altered to reflect the Wraith’s ability to attack in tandem with it?


I’d be surprised if they didn’t tweak the damage atleast a little cause you could have decoy and monster both using supernova at the same time.


Interesting… Would the decoy retain the same damage values as it has now? And how about the duration and cooldown times?

Is there any possibility of some kinds of counters, such as the decoy having a health bar? (more than a mimic but less than a minion).

I’d like this change, but I’m concerned with it being too powerful. I don’t want to start hating decoy again. It’s an interesting change though, and I’d look forward to it.

@VenomQuill I imagine it’s something they’re testing around with, and the fact that it’s being shown like this, hints that they feel it could work. They’re building some hype and also seeing how everyone reacts to it. Decoy has been a hot topic concerning Wraith ever since the game released.


My assumption is that Decoy will no long benefit from Supernova (and it should never have in the first place). Decoy will probably be as dumb as a rock but maybe now you can actually target Hunters with it.


That was the first thing that came to mind. I can imagine that not being a fun experience. :smile:


You know what?

I bet you a cookie that TRS is just sitting in here with Popcorn and Drinks just watching… waiting…


You didn’t notice the other thing.