So you can get XP in custom games? I thought you couldn't


So I was just told by the group I play with that they did custom games all this morning and they were definitely getting XP. I thought you couldn’t get XP in custom games? Is this a bug or could you get XP all along?


Ya its so people who only want to play with friends can make progress.


Seems to me this could easily be abused for xp farming by just inviting your friends and one of them plays monster. Obviously you couldn’t be in a party but still it’s easy to do without a party.


No you can sill play monster


You only can’t get progress towards leaderboards (like they mean something anyway).


you can use it to farm character mastery faster to unlock characters or skins.

for instance set it to monster favour with extra food and lazarus, just kill all of the hunters other than lazarus and keep abducting him and doing random damage as he heals.

this way if you don’t want to actually use one ability vs players you can also farm it here