So yeah i spawned in on a defend map

So yeah… i just was droped in a hunt match on a defend map… with the monster on the other side of the forcefield so we couldnt get to him XD ill post some screenshots and a video later on when i have the chance to get them of my xbox
EDIT: video and screenshot proof

How I don’t even @MrStrategio

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Updated OP

I always find these kind of glitches to be the most enjoyable just because of the sheer surprise you get when you encounter one :smiley:

Yeah kraken and me derped right infront of eachother for 2 minutes… then he wandered off

Looks fun. :smile:

Was he a Stage one? Was it an actual defence match?

Stage 1 at start and 2 at moment of screenshot. And no it was a hunt match xD

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Don’t you mean Shear surprise?