So yeah i sold my xbox

Hello there, long time no see :stuck_out_tongue: i thought i just share this with you guys :stuck_out_tongue: i sold my xbox one…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

this is gonna be LEG



Bought my self a gaming pc :smile:

Got a GTX970 from MSI a i7 4,2Ghz 16gb off DDR4 ram

All jokes aside yeahh i love it! coming from the xbox this is one HELL of an improvement and i am glad to be back on the PC side of gaming. switched to xbox once because an new gaming rig was to expansive at that time but now im back babyhhhh…

anyone know any awesome games to play on PC?

so far i have,

Evolve, Shadow of Mordor, Tomb Raider, CSGO, Arkham knight, a few of the F1 games, the L4D series etc…

For those who want to add me on steam here is my steam ID:


Thats cool man hope you like your new PC!

Depends on what you like. I really enjoy the hell out of Payday 2. What genres do you like most?


Got that one to :stuck_out_tongue:
i mostly like Action/Adventure. i do also like shooters but most FPS games have dissapointed me lately. and donth even get me started on CoD… battlefield on the other hand <3

EDIT: Actually i play most games except, MOBA’S , RPG, MMORPG etc

Thanks! and hell yeah i like it! gonna upgrade my monitors etc to in the near future with some aweomse G-Synch monitors from Benq

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I highly recommend these, especially if you can get them on sale.

Advent Rising (Seriously amazing game, a bit older though)
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (Only if it’s $5 or less imo. Great game, but it is a demo. Got 27 hours out of it easy)
This War of Mine
Ori and the Blind Forest
Dust: An Elysian Tale
Evolve (Obviously)
Valkyria Chronicles (This one is a blend of turn base/rpg/first person. More on the turn base/rpg than first person though)
Dungeon Defenders

I’m sure I have more but can’t recall off the top of my head what my main PC games I’ve enjoyed are atm.

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Join the PC squad!

To be fair miss toiletwraith… i havent touched evolve in abouuuuut 2/3 months :stuck_out_tongue: got a litttle bored of it. who knows i might pick it up again but yeah… my lvl 40 and 400+ hours of xbox goodness are forever lost

Sweet thanks! ill look into some of them

It can be fun when you have friends for customs and stacks :3

I love that game!

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Depth is amazing
FTL is a great timekiller
Check out all the pixel junk games. They make a bunch of great ones
This war of mine is a rock solid game to play through
I would also check out RTS games, as they are much better on PC like company of heroes or Wargame or planetary annihilation
Wasteland 2 is great
DayZ is epic as is Arma 3
SpeedRunners to kill time with friends or duck game or running with rifles
War Thunder is a blast and free
Dont starve is fun
Darkest dungeon
sunless sea
Witcher 3
binding of issac
and so much more!

Good games that are also on xbox incase you missed them
Metro series is awesome
Bioshock series
Deadspace series

if you want to see what your pc is really capable of:

Crysis 3, 2, and ueah still 1. The first one on ultra quality is still impressive, give it a try.

and starcraft 2

and the witcher 3 obviuosly

and if you’re really crazy, try planet side 2
the pc who can stem that is yet to be made

Well, my main impetus to wanting to switch to PC right now is ARK. Game looks so fun and consoles have to wait a whole nother year to play it. :sob:

Oh man I can’t believe I forgot some more gems.

X-Com: Enemy Within
Borderlands 1 & 2 (The Pre-Sequel is kinda ‘meh’ in my opinion)

You need to upgrade to a decent PC like op Ms Wraith
get dem grafixhurtz

PlanetSide 2 is fun, just don’t focus on new guns.
Warframe is fun with friends.
Ori and the Blind Forest is anazing.
Robocraft is a nice little game.
Kerbal Space Program is crazy and worth a purchase.
Garry’s Mod is the game every one has/need
Team Fortress 2 is a no brainer.
XCOM Enemy Unknown is a great RTS.
Fallout 4. Don’t question me just preorder it.

This is true, I wrecked face with the standard medic gun for the vanu for a long time. It would be better to upgrade your utility or vehicles.

Protip though:

Don’t play vanu

Need I remind you that I also play Pyro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: