So with Meteor Goliath, will hunters get the same treatment?


So everyone is in love with the awesome Meteor Goliath, and we have every reason to. Great job on this adaptation of everyones favorite fire breathing monster! So with this coming a lot of us are thinking that the other monsters will get it too, but what about the hunters?

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Let’s get monsters first? o.o
I don’t think hunters will get anything though.


Forget hunters i want Octodad Kraken.


Night hunter is probably the closest we’ll get to something cool like that


Oh lord… Orange Kraken with four comical bulging white eyes wearing a suit and tie… Jesus I can’t get the image out of my head.


I want Meteor Behemoth Blue lava Bomb Blue Rock Wall OMG

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Radioactive behemoth,oh my god

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Celestial Wraith please

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Hunters? Maybe? I doubt it tbh.


Nah, hunters really don’t need it. Theres lots of them already. This is good so the monsters can have more options to choose from.