So will the leaderboards get reset to previous stats?


Cause I got to either 7 or 8 in the world with 130+ wins and 8 deaths and my W/L got reset. I mean, thats a lot of time i spent playing 138+ games to get to that position. Around how long should this be fixed? and should i just not play till then? cause i don’t wanna spend another 12 hours getting to that spot


It is happening to alot of people. I lost my rank 8 Kraken 2 days ago. Haven’t played much since.


Same here I just got into the top 100 with Markov and then the stats reset for me and I kinda lost my interest in the game over the weekend because of that.


It is what it is boys… I was top 100 over-all, top 5 with Bucket and top 100 with Parnell… then … YOINK. Dropped back into the nether-regions.

Fortunately, I just love playing the game, meeting new peeps and having good times. It pissed me off for 5 min or so… and back to the jungles I went.

I already have my Bucket bro back into the top 100… but don’t really care at this point.