So...why the Slim nerf?


So why was he nerfed again? I hate when people use the “Cause when he’s with Hank he’s impossible to down” excuse, that is situational and now he can’t keep himself alive. I honestly believe they should have left his self heal the same and changed the others. Now Slim has the same problem he had since the beginning, self sustain. I still think Slim’s drone should give him a passive while its on him.


Ok, nothing happened here, carry on you beautiful people!



Thank you, good sir.


Slims just never in the Goldilocks zone. Now that him and Hank are Nerfed, it’s now very hard to beat monsters. Slim was occasional but Hank was useful in so many ways.

Slim just looked OP on telemetry and so TRS balanced him as such.


Slims healing was insane. Going hard on him with hank shielding and you can’t get any damage to stick? That’s just silly. No other medic can even come close to that. Not to mention his horrible spore cloud ability.

I absolutely love it when people come out with stuff like "now this hunter can’t do this in this new patch"
His healing to himself has been reduced by 3%.
Holy smokes time to chuck slim in the bin guys! No way can he survive…

Healing to other hunters is an 11% reduction which is still pretty modest but we can see where the devs are going with it which is the standard: If support is defensive then only go for them. Slim and Hank will still provide a near invincible slim but at least when you’re beating the crap into hank his health won’t magically fill up quite so quick.

I personally can see him needing some more reductions but if they could make his spore cloud not such a marmite ability that would be a huge step forward


He needed it. I feel others have explained exactly how bad Slims can be but he needed it. That’s hardly even a debate that can be had.


Slim+Hank was deemed far too strong. To be honest I never really considered them anywhere near as toxic as Val+Sunny or the likes so it’s a good thing that I do not speak for everyone.

They nerfed Slim to make such overkill comps slightly less overkill, but I wish they’ll take a second look at how easily Slim comps fall apart without Hank.


Finding a team that works best is part of the fun of the game too so I don’t get why hunters get punished for that. Some teams will be better than others and I feel like they are slowly taking that away. I would bet my life that if they would have left slim alone in this patch, he would have been balanced, considering all the buffs monsters just received.


enough said lol


I agree with you 100%. I had trouble getting enough healing out with Slim beforehand and now it’s even worse since his healing output was nerfed. And don’t even get me started on his self-sustain.


Are you kidding me? His self sustain is amazing.


Yesterday I got killed by a Goliath 3 games in a row as Slim just from melee attacks. HIS SELF SUSTAIN SUCKS


You’re not using him correctly. Slim is a pain in the ass and one of the hardest medics to down when played effectively.


I’m pretty sure I am. I’ve had Slim elited for a while and have been able to easily adapt to his buffs/nerfs in the past, but this is too much. I kept spore clouding the monster and jet packing out of the way and was firing like crazy with my leech gun and the goliath just kept melee attacking me until I died. Slim’s self sustain is just simply too bad right now.


His self-healing was nerfed by three percent lol

He can tank a ton of abilities with a defensive support, and if you’re getting tumbled to the point where you can’t heal effectively you’re just being outplayed


Ok I need to word this carefully, lest the flaggers come out but I promise you that if he was just using melee’s and it was only slim heals to keep slim alive then you did something massively wrong. That is not enough damage to kill slim. He has the highest self heal in the game by a mile. I’d love to see some tests to see how all the medics stack up but I know slim will be at the top. Yes there’s more to the game than just standing in front of the monster taking every hit and healing until you die. But slim can do that and he can do it with wild abandon if a defensive support is there.

With an offensive support sure he needs to be a bit more careful but which medic doesn’t.


Step by step:

  1. After they changed reload to not affect class abilities, Slim became weak.

  2. They buffed the values of his healburst. That was not enough to help him out

  3. They removed the delay from the healburst. That made him too powerful.

  4. They reverted the numbers that were changed in #2.

That’s why.


I think its the fact that they also nerfed his spores (again) which I really relied on to get away. That one second difference seems to have made a difference.


I can guarantee you it’s much easier to stay alive as Caira or EMET or Rogue Val, as they are characters who can self heal much easier because they don’t need too constantly be shooting something to heal and their heal bursts cool down much, much faster.