So why is behemoth still poop?

Reasons being listed here:

Stasis harpoons and crowd control affect him far too much. He is a slow ball already CC is just a salt in to the wound.

Tongue grab is a disfunctional hard to hit and most of the time doesnt work like its supposed to:

Hunters who are sitting on a ledge can always just step back for a second because if the tongue doesnt have 100% clear line of sight on the hunter then it will always miss.

The angle in which hunters fly towards you after the tongue is bad because most of the time hunters are hitting roofs, trees and other shitty objects stopping their travel all together add to this the fact that hunters can slightly affect the angle in which they fly and you have a pile of crap that barely ever works and rarely if ever gives you the advantage you sorely need.

Rock Wall:

Well now Rock Wall has the obvious problems of walls not showing up but also the fact that its rarely if EVER worth putting more then one point in to it means that it needs drastic changes in its functionality. Level 3 Rockwall and to a lesser extent level 2 rock wall are pointless investments because they dont increase the duration of the wall they just give you more broken wall that doesnt actually benefit you in any way.

The ideal way to use rock wall is to place 1 point in to it and then Tongue grab someone towards you away from the enemy team throw up a stage 1 wall and then pounce the said target before the wall goes down, and if they have Cabot then it might as well completely have been a wasted opportunity.

For all of its issues the wall would be better if the amount of points you stuck in it would actually increase the duration of the wall by 2 seconds per point meaning you could completely isolate someone and actually have the potential to down them properly.

As is you can pop a lava bomb then use a fissure and a second or two later watch as your so called “burst” fails to take the said hunter down and the Wall comes crashing down and the hunters are on your ass again.


Fissure is extremely easy to dodge currently for what its supposed to give Behemoth. In a sense I would say Fissure is supposed to be Behemoths Rock Throw but without the actual burst to let you outdamage the shields and healing that hunters are currently doing.

The size of the Fissure has to be increasable by each point you invest in it and it has to travel faster then it currently does OR the windup needs to go away, I would say the former is the better option since behemoths weakspot niche is to show it during his attacks.

Add to the appalingly easy dodging to the Fissure and the fact that it can go under maps means it is extremely unreliable and more often then not a missed opportunity to do damage rather then an actually threathening attack. Especially considering how little it does at the end of the day.

Lava Bomb:

Lava bomb is most likely the best weapon in behemoths arsenal. You can use it to deny areas create some slight burst and dot damage also you can shove hunters off pillars and objects with it like nobodys business however the problem lies in its damage. It doesnt have enough burst and the dot is far too ignorable. It is extremely easy to outheal and again to dodge even.

Behemoths Clunkyness:

Behemoth is slow fat and extremely unwieldy to the point where he is cheesed to death by every single hunter with some brain in them.

The huge windups, lack of proper control, buggy skills, slow movement and terrible relay fighting capability means that Behemoth is constantly being outdone by any competent team. He has no advantages.
He is a fat punching bag that doesnt do anything worth mentioning especially comparing to other far more reliable, faster and smooth monsters like Kraken, Wraith or even Goliath despite his buggy traversal.

tl;dr: Behemoths ability to traverse out of ball and inside the ball must be improved, his skills need to give more for the points invested in them and his bugs have to be sorted out asap or else he will eternally remain in the garbage bin.

P.S: I am talking about the PC version of the game here.


Behemoth and poop ? Surely not.
He is pretty strong. You just need yo get used to aiming with skills etc.

Watch some streamers beating crap out of hunters, I think this will help you a lot understandig Bob and playing much better with him.

Just my opinion

Im sitting at 687 Hours in the game. I dont miss a lot of attacks besides the ones that bug or the occasional miss.

I know how to play Behemoth but he has extreme problems versus coordinated teams.

Coordinated teams.

Pubs can be killed by rubber ducks.

Behemoth however has plenty of problems.

Couldnt agree more 500 hours almost ad I win 9/10 Behemoth matches regardless of who I play. Some comps/maps are harder, an the abilities can bug like the Op said but he is strong if you play to his strengths. Well over %50 of my matches w Behemoth are >7 minutes ad still at stage 1.

I hate the tongue grab for not working so I don’t use it. Someday, maybe.

You need to try against a competetive team. He is currently very unviable because of behemoths glaring weaknesses.

If a Behemoth can go from standing still to rolling all the way around a big circular tower while having Griffin’s harpoon in him, they are most assuredly not effective.

I’ve been on a Behemoth winning streak since a couple days after his release, including killing of some teams and for me he’s the strongest there is. Just gotta control the battle field just like you would with any other monster.

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give it up, just dont try to argue…
this game is too casual you wont get proper balance, some of the people here think bashing pups equals an acurate measuring for strengths and weaknesses.


Im a Behemoth Main & i got 221 - 0 how can he be poop ppl must just know how 2 usw him. I love his fissure move xD

You must embrace the power of roll spam.

Your point has gotten through and I acknowledge I am wasting my time.

Behemoth is handicapped in so many ways and by so many different hunter combos. It is easy to win in pugs but when you face premades or hunters with skill its extremely difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to win unless they make a bunch of mistakes.

Actually right now I was watching a stream where guy went 3 matches with Bob against No.2 Parnell worldwide , No.26 Slim WW , and Hank and Magie ( both were in top 100 world wide.

This team was hella good ( and 100% premade and comunicating ).

He lost the first 2 matches ( but they were extremly close- like the last standing hunter with 2 strikes killed him ) and he won 3rd one easily.

Bob is strong enough to compete even with this great teams when player is good. Yea they were close matches ( and thats how it should be ) . Dont tell me you want Behemoth ( or any other monster ) to bash Hunter’s faces easily. It shoul be more or less ballanced match

EDIT : On the other hand , most if the issues you were talking about ( bugged rockwall, tongue grab etc…) are code issues and devs said they will be fixed in title update ( which is coming soon ) . So just wait few more days and they will be ( hopefully fixed )

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There are huge differences differences between PC and Console Behemoth, so it might be important for people here to state which platform they are playing on. I’ve posted about this before in several threads, but the PC knockback / momentum changes were unintentionally applied to rock wall / tongue grab, making them mostly useless vs any hunters that use jetpack.

The console behemoth is much stronger and better at comboing due to bugs and pc first changes, and can also still do the roll spam.

I mostly agree with the OP that behemoth needs a lot of improvements aside from fixing bugs with tongue grab, rock wall, and fissure. Lavabomb is the only skill that isn’t bugged, in a bad way at least, and this makes it one of his best skills for reliable damage. Lavabomb also has the same bug as rock throw where it can hit the hunters twice sometimes.

  • Tongue grab is useless vs hunters that hide behind the edge of the cliff (even if tongue hits, the pull is stopped short by the ground)
  • His roll takes too long to accelerate and gets slowed down too much by small obstacles.
  • I’d prefer if they made Fissure wider, than improving the speed or cast time.
  • Lava bomb could be made slightly faster.

This might be a better idea

Mentioned it in the original post. Larger meaning wider.

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Sorry didn’t see that post. My bad! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Behemoth has a lot of issues, most of them beeing a stationary target and not as mobile as the rest. Therefore it is really hard to balance this stuff out.

One thing i would love to see is that Fissure would destroy Rockwall. That would be so cool, just imagine hunters not able to hug that wall or they will get slammed to death <3

Have him try that against sunny/ caira/torvald/ and maggie

Come on man, lets not mention the most broken characters. With those guys every monster has large difficulties .

And Sunny and Torvald will be nerfed in next title patch

I’m just saying there is alot of premades that cheese monster players by using that combo.