So why can't we record matches?


I find it rather astounding that it never crossed anyone’s mind during development to create some sort of match saving feature, similar to Halo’s theater mode. I get we have the game recorder for the xbox at least, but sometimes the entire match is so great you just want to go back and dissect every moment just right.


I assume their focus was on other aspects. But I agree, a Theater Mode would be awesome.


I would love this to be added. That and ‘observing’ random matches, not just Custom matches you have to be invited to.


You know…the pessimist in me can see people commentating on random matches and being jerks about it and then posting it to places like youtube. I like how it is currently.


That makes sense, I never thought of that. :smile:
I suppose the way it is now works just fine.
I guess I want it added because I have only played with randoms so far. I should probably add more people.


Yeah without a doubt but forget them. It’s just something that would be neat. Along with something which you can actually view your stats with, as opposed to a leader board that randomly erases your information.