So why are some of the mastery challenges so stupid?


For example, Hank’s lvl 3 Orbital.
“hit the monster from 40m”
This is completely counter productive. It actively encourages the Hank player to waste their Orbital whenever it is off cooldown, which is utterly stupid.
I’ve maxed both the cutter and shield projector and have only 2 points in the Orbital challenge.

Another example would be Torvald’s lvl 3 Shrapnel Grenade.
“damage the monster 5 times with Shrapnel Grenade without taking damage”
This encourages the Torvald player to simply spam Shrapnel Grenade, and ignore his other abilities. I know for a fact this does not refer to shooting the weak points created by a single grenade without taking damage as I have done this on multiple occasions without taking damage. The challenge requires that you hurl 5 nades at the monster without taking damage. Again, this is counter productive as a Torvald player should be constantly cycling all his abilities, and using his shotgun is guaranteed to put you in range of taking at least a little bit of damage.
Again, I’ve maxed both the shotgun and mortal launcher but have just 1 point in the grenade challenge.

As usual this just makes it look like Turtlerock don’t even play their own game.
These challenges should be tasks that are difficult to achieve, but should not actively encourage play styles that hinder the team.
As they stand some of the mastery challenges just seem incredibly arbitrary. Yes, there are far greater problems with the game right now, but if they can’t get something as simple as perk progression right then clearly there is no hope for the far greater flaws in this game being rectified.


I agree with everything you said, the challenges should come naturally as you play. That being said they are called challenges and when you complete a challenge that difficult, and you have earned the right to wear the elite skins, nothing feels better.

Tip for Hank’s OB, when you are the last alive vs a stage 3 monster and it’s attacking the relay, ping it till the ping says you’re 40m away and NUKE HIM INTO THE GROUND