So, who's the wanker?


Since we know about all the hunters, I’m still curious who has the locker that (I’m guessing Hyde wrote it) has “IS A WANKER” scribbled underneath it?


I think it is clear as day that it’s written “Markov is a wanker”.


Yes. It is says Markov. It always has.


I had trouble reading this too, and thought it was censored to cover an upcoming character reveal… Then my friends told me it says Markov ‘very clearly’, lol

I’m colour blind, could have played a factor, not sure if that’s the case for yourself @ResinGlazedDonut? =)


Markov is a wanker.
maggie is a pile of shite.
val is fucking useless.
hank is absolute trash.
griffin is taking the piss.
lazarus is a tosser.
bucket is a waste of space.

Ran out of brittish insults, not an englishman here…


Don’t forget slag, plonker and prat xD


I remember from the dropship cutscene there were containers with a string of numbers and ’ ass ’ written on it, anyone has a screenshot?


tosser… as in salad tosser?


Not really)


oh lordy, it’s a bit more…personal…than that


knob, pillock, dickhead, and bastard too :stuck_out_tongue:


Guess I’m just blind… :stuck_out_tongue:

It did appear blurry so I thought it was one of the unannounced characters.


What about Poofter? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you mean Rubbish*


I expected a Hyde thread about megamouths. This will do.

@PanDa a tosser plays with the same toy as a wanker.


I was watching a person play Bucket and Bucket said something along:

“Oh look, a Megamouth… 1023 more of those and we’d have a Gigamouth” (referencing byte structure), and the commentator was all confused about what Bucket was talking about, lol.


Hyde and Bucket are great for wildlife commentary. Everybody else just seems to give you advice. When Hyde spots a megamouth he says “That’s not a rock; it’s a wanker.”

That line had me laughing for a long time xD

Mammoth birds too, most people say watch out for the sparks, Hyde just mentions how it’s standing there, judging him and calls it a prick. That’s actually decent advise in itself because they do judge you, supposedly they try to run unless they decide that they can’t outrun their perceived pursuers.


Yeah, Bucket banters on, which is comical since he muses on some rather odd things and does not take the gravity of the situations into account. Neither does Hank; as he gets bashed about, he’s asking if someone has a beer to help take the edge off the battle. Gives the personas more character.

Lazarus comes off as high and mighty with his power over life and death. Val makes strategic and tactical comments on her observations, hinting at her military past. It seems a lot of attention went into keeping their VO bound to the personality of the player character.


Mmmmm not always:

Laz: ‘MAMMOTH BIRD! Large and annoying, like my mother!’

I also love the way bucket says: ‘There it is, yeey!’ when he spots the monster. It’s unclear to me whether he is sarcastic about being happy that they found the monster, since i probably means that they are going to die xD


Bucket is very morbid at times, though I assume that it’s unintentional. He sounds happy when he’s commenting on the monster hitting stage 3 and it being very unlikely that they survive too. It’s awesome though :slight_smile: I also love how he acknowledges that the hunters are aliens “I found you, alien! Er, other alien!”

Never heard Laz say that though, I like him a little more now! Do you think Laz and Hyde knew each other before?