So whos the best in t5


I say emet just had the longest match ever we won because a respawn beacon I kept putting we almost lost just based on the best comebacks Ive had with him I like him the most who do you like


Kala is awesome! But Emet already has a place in my core :heart:

I love the character, I love missiles, I love the healing totems and the respawn beacon is awesome ! :bucket_cute:


Crow is. Oh wait…


kala feels a bit weak to me sure shes good if you use her right but if the monster knows how to break the teleporter they cant escape especially lazarus


Objectively? I’d say Jack.

Personally? I really like Kala because teleporters.


the tpers are bad sometimes the monster just has to spit on it and I abducted a kala before she got in it


Lennox is life


@AlbinoGoliath this is supposed to stay in the Hunters category. Please don’t change it back.


For utility and general usefulness, I’m gonna have to agree with it being Jack.

Kala is my actual favorite, tying with Abe for favorite character in Evolve. I like the style of play more than the other Supports, and she’s a good bit of fun. Plus I like teleporting around. Her damage is also decent for a Support.


it includes gorgon too :confused: so


Well then what’s the point? Of course Gorgon is going to win because it’s a monster, it can kill all of them. There’s no point of this if you include Gorgon.


Jack I love all of T5, but I think jack is a beast.


I’d go Jackel


I’d vote Jack because I love both his playstyle and personality. I can’t say that about any of the other T5 characters.


Objectively, jack is the best.

I like Kala though, cuz teleporters have so many layers of strategy


It takes me back to playing Portal. I wish I had a box to throw through the teleporter and hit the Monster with, Lol.


ahem It’s called an Aperture Science Weighted Storage Cube or the Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube. Not just a “box”. You’re so insensitive. The Companion Cube has always been there for you and you forgot its name. Shame on you.


So I bet you found a way not to incinerate it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Jack is the one that still needs the most “balance changes” imo, if that’s anything to base opinion on.

I’m still not okay with the ludicrous angles that allow him to stop a Monster from near behind and the fact that Jack doesn’t have to be directly in front of the Monster to use his CC is what still makes him “Griffin on steroids” as people used to call him.
I can stop a Monster as Jack at almost 180 degrees behind him. Usually at about 135 and then I can somewhat “guide” it further towards 180 degrees to find the maximum allowed angle.
He shouldn’t even be allowed to use it past 90. And that’s already stressing it.

Lennox is my favorite of the t5 characters, though again I don’t feel great about her current state. Definitely one of those “only-great-against-some-monsters” Assaults, which means I usually skip her unless I know for sure the Monster is Goliath.
But dang when the Monster is indeed Goliath. Absolutely the most fun Assault to play in such situations.
The AA gun autoreload constantly works against me which does tick me off quite a lot haha, but I still love the character.


I am actually really happy with all of T5. I think they are all really fun to play.
Emet is probably my favorite of T5 though. He’s a robot, he’s hilarious, he is the funnest medic to play imo, and he’s a robot C: