So Who's Handling Community Tourney Skins?


I know it uses to be Jess, but she’s gone now, so I was wondering who’d taken over. I just need to make sure my team captain sent them our emails and stuff; we haven’t received our skins and our captain isn’t responding to messages.


I believe it is now @Shaners


:shane: <------- this lady is the new Community Manager


Oh man, she gets an emote? Is that new or do I not pay attention?

@Shaners, halp!


@Takran made some new Evolve character emotes and I made some of the TRS devs themselves.


:shane: :shane: :shane: <—


You can email us here:


I’ve heard from a few people they haven’t gotten them yet… not sure if it was due to the holiday 2k was off on? Either way, throw me an email and i’ll send a request if your captain didn’t!