So, who gets to go to London?


Just figured I’d ask which of my lucky countrymen get to go to the London get together with the Turtle Rock guys. Congrats to you alll and here’s hoping you’ll share some details of what you see with us, just in case you get to see something new.


Extremely jealous of this :stuck_out_tongue:


Where’s my ticket? I’m a mod dangit


I’m incredibly jealous of you lucky few. Hoping for some 2K playtests of my own though.


I’m KINDA miffed since I was one of the entries, but I’d have likely overslept anyways :tongue:


We should get some of the players here to go to 2k and record some good footage games :smiley:


If they pay sure xD


Not me sadly :frowning:

Thought my chances were pretty high with only 10 people liking it! Don’t want to hold a grudge, but almost half those who ‘liked’ had only joined the forums in the last week so they could enter the competition.

No hard feelings though, I hope it’s a great experience for all involved and they’ll share some stories!

Surely @SlinkyGuy and @Plaff got auto-invites so they can fill us in :smile:


I’m not sure if I’m MEANT to say this, but one of those spots was Plaff’s, he couldn’t go


Yeah I couldn’t make it unfortunately :frowning:


That’s a real shame, I’m sure you would have given us a good account of the day :cry:

Not many things would have stopped me from attending had I received an invite! I can only guess it was a powerful force like the Illuminati that stopped you from making it.


I had a spot too, though London is too far for me, travel and cost wise.


Oh drat, all my buds are losing out. You of all people definitley should have got to go


I could have went but i live in belgium… so was not allowed to like it >.<


@SlinkyGuy is going, so you could always ask him I suppose.

I’m not going for my own safety, TRS know I’m figuring out all their links to the illuminati and I don’t want to risk being assassinated. My guess is that the food I would have been served would have been poisoned.


I had an invite but a job I’ve been waiting to hear about for an age just came up so alas i must remain in wales.


What if they did not have enough people because evrybody is declining xD


Um, Sir, it says right there…“American” moderator! :stuck_out_tongue:


@SlinkyGuy is going??? But we already know all about Bucket! We want NEW news. :smile:


Even if they saw something new they would not be allowed to talk about it or they would get sued most likely :slight_smile: