So who else is scared of monster nerfs?

I prefer trapper and monster more then anything, so I generally get both sides of the argument, but god damn Sunny pisses me off. Ciara players have a tendency to find themselves in corners, Torvald can’t hit anything if a 10 foot rock is in the way map or by Behemoth, and I don’t see the fuss about Crow, maybe I don’t see many good Crows generally on Xbone, as I prefer trapper, but I think Abe needs some love, as you generally need birds to really get started with him against a decent monster.

Not trying to argue but whats so broken about the kraken? I am an elite behemoth so idk

All cc skillsd ont work. Harpoons and stasis are supposed to ground him.pull him out of flight. A bug in his traversal and an animation glitch that allows him to spam multiple moves at once before the animation ends.

For the rest of you monstars. Gokiath is balancd. Chillax. Hunterwise I’m not worried about gobi, if they increase his cd… they’ll increase the highlight time and i personally as a trapper/medic main, cant wait for sunny nerf and medic buffs. Its about time

I’m not, they need them tbh. Kraken needs his constant flying fixed, you can’t bring the guy down, the wraith is op as hell. The behemoth and goliath seem fine, fire breath is a bit op but not to bad.

The only monster that needs any sort of nerf right now is Kraken. Wraith is right where she needs to be, but Goliath could use a buff.

As for Behemoth… I don’t have enough experience with him. I’ve seen him dominate, and get destroyed depending on how the game goes.

If anything needs nerfing for sure though, its Sunny.

Goliath Rock Throw needs nerfed by 25% damage, it hits much too hard. :wink:

But in general the more the monsters are nerfed the less inclined monster players will be towards playing the game.

TRS would have to be abysmally stupid to nerf any of the Monsters except Kraken. They may have made some…questionable changes and additions (looking at you, Sunny, Torvald and the now overweight Wraith) I doubt that they would do that. I have faith…

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I think after the string of nerfs, Goliath will be buffed.

hopefully Gobi will be nerfed. It’s one of three things making this game unfun ATM.
Those being
Slim spore grenades

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Oh, so Gobi appears OP to monster players ?

Why so ?

He’s not op and I would never call anything op (mostly because I’m not qualified to judge). He’s just not fun to play against or have on your team

It’s called a fix, not a nerf.

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Well… that’s quite personnal don’t you think ?

Anyway, devs seem to agree about Slim’s spore, that’s why they reduced a bit its radius.

Oh yes it’s entirely my subjective opinion on the matter. I am always open and encourage differing opinions to my own as I feel it helps me understand the a posing view and this I develop as a person.

I haven’t played enough with/against Gobi to give an opinion.

So far the only annoying thing for me, apart from mamoth birds, would be the eternal Val’s tranqs…

I do not consider Gobi to be OP. He’s just very versatile. It’s not too hard to counter him, just takes a little tact, and I know most Monster players agree.

Something that is OP would be the Sunny/Val/Griff combo because there is no counter to that. Once they find you, they will stay on your tail for a looooooooong time.


The major beef with Gobi is when crow is paired with Sunny. We have a Crowbi to contend with then.

I know that in itself isn’t actually a Gobi problem at all, it’s the jetpack boost problem which is being addressed with this patch.

Anything paired with Sunny becomes much more powerful. Laz and Sunny? Lightning fast revives, the protective shielding of Hank (to a lesser extent, but present nonetheless) and the weapon damage of Cabot’s Railcannon. :wink: Sunny and Griffin? You will not escape. :slight_smile: Sunny and Caira? Nobody’s going down. :stuck_out_tongue: Sunny goes well with Hyde and Parnell for keeping up for close range damage too. :smiley:

That can’t be emulated with the other supports.

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Sunny + Caira feel more problematic than Sunny + Laz for me…

The latest needs to put the team (or at least, support and medic) on low health by switching target between each attacks.
It’s easier with a monster with strong one hit abilities, like Goliath.

(I’d say stage 2, lv3 charge , lv3 leap smash,…eventually lv1 rock throw instead…)