So who else is scared of monster nerfs?

I’ve got a feeling that next patch Goli is going to get nerfed and it’s very daunting as a monster player.

If Goliath gets nerfed, I riot, hes my BABY, ain’t nobody gonna touch him :angry:


Inb4 Hunter players get flame breath fully removed form the game.

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I’m not sure. I think once they fix the broken kraken mechanics most of the monsters will be about right. I seem to notice just as many ‘OMG hunters OP!!!’ threads as ‘ZOMG monsters OP!!!’ threads, so I think things may be about right :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah. Some monsters really are godawful arent they?

Currently Monsters control so much of the game its quite intimidating.

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…first thought it was a misspell for “Gobi” going to be nerfed…

Personally I think things are balanced, providing Hyde is used by the enemy team then it’s often a challenge to win (as a monster).

Many changes have happened, as when I first began to play the game i would dominate on every monster as they were all cheese + new hunters etc but now it feels everyone is at the same skill cap/ability.

Kraken needs a nerf, not because it’s OP but because it is broken.

Goliath is the sweet spot.

Wraith may need something, Skywraith is nuts but it’s a fine balance between Wraith being squishy or can’t catch the bitch. I don’t know what to do but luckily that’s not my job!

Behemoth could be good, can’t tell yet. First his weakspot was too big and Rollex spam was all that was used. Now he has the band-aid fix of making his traversal eat up 15% just to get rolling, not great for combat…Once the patch for him goes through and they restore part, if not all his traversal consumption, he may be viable for higher level play. Don’t think he’ll be a pro selection but I’m curious to see how he fairs.

Goliath is getting nerfed? What? I thought he was the most balanced monster. I’m with @Quirkly on this one.

He is really strong, same level as Kraken without the need to abuse exploits while doing so.

But he’s too buggy for me. I can’t handle a young **** bunny stud.

They’re likely going to take away his slam dunk ability (leap smash+simultaneous rock throw), if anything. In that case, I will still grab my torch and pitchfork and meet you in the town square.

Psh, thats an exploit, that needs removin ;p

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Wait that wasn’t removed yet?

I think it may have been removed on PC, those poor guys.


SAME! :angry:

If Goliath gets nerfed
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

In an ideal world every monster would be overpowered and broken therefore stomping players 24/7 would be easy.

Cough monster main cough

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In an ideal world, Sunny never would have been created

the salt is real


I greatly fear it. Hunters need to be beaten into the ground if anything. It is no longer Evolve, it is Evolve: DON’T GET CAUGHT.

In all honesty using cheap monster tactics is the best way to enjoy playing monster now and it is sad. Too many monsters use pounce? Well maybe if they weren’t nerfed into oblivion they would use their abilities.

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I think telemetry posts have mentioned that Kraken, Behemoth, and maybe wraith need attention. I don’t think Goliath was listed…

They act mostly on peoples win/loss ratios, and player feedback/behaviors. And right now… Kraken is flavor of the month vs. sunny, torvald, crow & Caira.