So who doesn't have their key yet?


Who else is still on the wait for their precious key? (If you bought it on sites like instant-gaming or G2A or w/e else)
This is way too stressful, I have no idea if I’ll have it before launch!


Me! Im not that worried, ill just be a little sad if it launches before i have it :confused:


Gamestop just released their code 30 minutes ago. I think G2A is having problems sending out the codes. People have complained about them a lot


It’s G2A. I haven’t heard anything positive about that website in the past week(s).


I was tempted to buy from them originally, but then I saw it was cheaper on Instant-gaming so I pre-ordered from them.


And you still didn’t get a key? I would e-mail them, or check if they set up a “release time” of their own or something.
The only website I bought from so far was Dying Light on GMG (Green Man Gaming) and I got my key sent immediatly without any trouble


[quote=“b1nge, post:6, topic:32152, full:true”]
And you still didn’t get a key? I would e-mail them, or check if they set up a “release time” of their own or something.[/quote]

Oh yes don’t worry, they do have their “own” release time. I’m just looking around to see how many people are in the same case.
Their release time is between today afternoon and tomorrow 23:59. However I don’t know what time zone they’re basing that on, so I might just not get my key before launch.


I have preordered from store and they sent it just today (About 3 PM 9th ) so I will have to wait WHOLE DAY FOR EVOLVE.


Oh poor lambs, should have bought from GMG for 45$ USD. I wouldn’t trust G2A with safety scissors.


There we go! Finally got my key, yayz!
But now I actually have to redownload everything. And here I thought it would just patch everything over the Alpha files. Oh well.
6 hours till launch, 5 hours of download. Good enough.

@ItsSuperEffective Got mine for 30€ which is around 33$. Ahuahuehuaehuhuehuehue 8^)


Hope you don’t end up regretting that if you bought it from a shady spot :wink:


I’m not dumb, I know what to avoid. Thank you very much.
And I just said I received my key. I activated it, game is preloading. Soooo yeaaahhh.


I got PCMR from gamestop for only $75. So yeah…wurf.