So who all is ready for the 3 worst weeks of their life?


When the beta ends the withdrawl begins.

I wasnt able to play video games for about 2 weeks after the alpha ended because it wasnt evolve, and i had a hard time coming to terms that i could no longer be king in an alien jungle.


Yeah, it’s gonna be rough lol


We’ll try to fill the time with telemetry, milestone footage and maybe some more Behemoth stuff.


And maybe some fiction.


Don’t forget the t4 hunters :wink:


im not ready …i’m simply not ready … my body is not ready!


Yeah man, it’s going to be a long 3 weeks for me too :persevere:


I’ll be playing Dying Light for the two weeks leading up to launch. Then if it looks to go smoothly, I’ll pick up Evolve.


4 hours left and i’m already going through withdrawl even thoughh i’m playing right now lol


The wait will be worth it for me if I can play with you guys on release sometime and see how solid communication works


Please do… we are jonesing hard!


Im already beginning to feel the Caira withdrawal symptoms… DONT TAKE MY HEALING GRENADE LAUNCHER FROM ME… WHAT ARE YOU DOING? NOT ADRENAL FIELD TOO Slowly rocks in corner muttering “faster, faster, faster” and “nauseous side effects not worked out”


For real??


After working so hard to unlock the Caira elite skin and having it before the beta ended was my only goal and when I had it, I kept forgetting to use it >.<

Alas, I will miss getting completely destroyed by the wraith, who will own my butt every game? Who will give me nightmares of decoy after decoy?

Dark times are ahead… dark times indeed.


And maybe some contests


Kraken statue?!?!


Doubly so for me, the 9th is my 21st birthday, so I’m not sure how up for playing I’m going to be the next day
Still excited.


Any plans for comics explaining lore
I really want to learn about that whole “chemical war” that serouisly jacked up hydes face and turned lazarus into the man he is and how parnell got his suit


That would be awesome!!! No plans at the moment though.


Huh, true, after such a adrenaline thrill when quiet times come, it’s just not “normal”. However, i was able to work out a plan, that will let me hit hard, once the game comes out. I’ve been able to trade in some shifts, so i will have uninterrupted 71 hours of gameplay after release. - the last hour of 3rd day i will have to get ready to work.
Devotion, addiction? Probably both… it’s the calm before the storm.