So where's the Sandstone skin for Behemoth?


As far as i can see,i dont see the skin from store. So where the hell is it ? Is the jade only available now ? If thats the case, why did they show it on stream. Anybody else knows whats going on ?


I want to know if any of the skins for him are out?


Nah…just jade skin…thats all.


Is it on ps4?


Dunno…im on my xb1


I just pooped myself jade is so pretty.

Turtle rock, can I have amethyst please? Birthstone monster Op!


I’ve recently seen people mentioning this Cosmo skin but I can’t for the life of me find it anywhere.
If anybody could shed some light on this it would be great!


It’s Pink and for the original 3. Wraith and Kraken also have Savage skins now too.


Thanks a lot dude, was really bugging me, like I’d been left out of the loop! :confounded:


Well,it is…my only questios “Whare’s the other skin for him?”. I mean the three have dozen of skin so…where’s behemoths other skins ?


All I want to know is if there will be a Savage skin for Behemoth. Savage Kraken and Wraith are so good it makes me want to play them more.

@MacMan @DamJess do you know if the art team has any plans for it?


It’s in the store, but I don’t think the in game store, so look at the Xbox or play station store


Savage kraken and wraith look so demonic. I love it xd


In one of the streams featuring behemoth, his sandstone skin had a bug where the color of his eyes would become light blue. I assume they are fixing that



So? Keep em that way. Who cares. Other skins eyes change colour. Oh wow, the skin’s eyes are blue, big deal. It adds to the sandstone skin.

Unless a different colour aside from blue was intended instead of the default.

If it’s blue with blue eyes, then there’s an issue. Would clash too much.

No need to worry about something as uninportant as eye colour.


i personally do like the blue eyes with he sandstone skin but i aint complaining if the devs dont want it


I agree I love the light blue eyes, I think it adds to the skin and makes it look more unique.


Hey devs, keep the blue eyes! It looks freakin’ sweet!


I’m checking TRS news feed and 2K for information about skin’s for the Behemoth. The packs are coming soon, or maybe all his skins maybe individual purchase’s. We shall see. I’m on Xbox One and the Jade skin is all that is available currently in the store. The cosmic skin pack looks dope. Don’t know why the Behemoth was not included. Maybe to keep the skin pack purchase price the same? Savage skins are now available for the other monster’s. Those are cool. Hopefully we will have a confirmation for the Behemoth skin’s soon.


I could care less when it comes out at this point really. I just want them to keep the blue eyes. That looks awesome. It may not match the glow, but i don’t really care (honestly I’d be fine if it changed that as well!).