So where's the fun in fighting Wraith?


Lately if I see somebody pick Wraith I just want to leave the match.

I am having fun fighting Goliath. You can dodge his heavy hitters. You can block rocks. You can actively do something.
I am having fun fighting Kraken. You can dodge pretty much anything. You can shoot banshees. You can actively do something.
I am having fun fighting Behemoth. You can dodge all of his abilities. You can actively do something.
I am having fun fighting Gorgon. You can preemptively dodge Web Snare because most of the time you know when it is going to cast it. You can run/jump out of the Acid. You can shoot spiders. You can shoot Mimic. You can actively do something.
I am having some fun fighting ElderKraken. I can at least dodge the Lightning Strike. But the sneak pounce spam and the VFX that block my entire screen are making it hard to have a fun experience.

Somehow I am unable to have any fun fighting Wraiths. I don’t know what I should do when I am focused. It’s just an endless array of undodgeable Warp Blasts, Abductions and melee spam.
My best option is to randomly roach and pray that my team does enough damage until the monster has incapped me. There’s nothing I can really actively do that requires any thought.
Decoy is just an annoying thing that blocks me. Yeah it’s shootable but that doesn’t require much skill, it’s huge and slow.
Plus, when fighting against Wraith your best strategy is to stick closely together and only fight on very open domes. Your win chances are almost higher if you just wait at the relay.

Man, please rework Wraith so it requires some skill to fight with and to fight against. Currently, fighting against Wraith is a pure damage race. I am not having fun, even if we win… :confused:
Or maybe I am doing something wrong? :confused:

Anyway, I made suggestions here:


To be honest, fighting a kraken is much less fun for me


If the Kraken plays “battleship Kraken” and stays 100m away while spamming his abilities, yeah, it’s not much fun. We win against those but it’s a grind. However, the difference to Wraith is I don’t feel helpless. I can dodge things and aim for its head. Plus, they are fixing the bug where you can hug the dome wall and gain insane height. So that should make it better.


But playing againts wraith is still fun for me plus wraith is (in my personal experience) feels kinda unviable, never really had a problem (except the first time) fighting againts wraith


And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why Wraith is unviable.


I would rather fight Wraith that Gorogn or Goliath.
Wraith has low hp, ez to dodge skill, while Gorogn is all about just spamming the shit out of your keyboard and atm I feel like Goliath with stacked DR is just OP.


Or how about you all take it down a notch, it’s an open question thread.

To OP: I find Wraith has the most room for counterplay if you kite in the same manner as you mostly would against Goliath.

Abduction can be dodged the easiest if you stay near corners.

Warp Blast goes in a straight line so any kind of sharp turns can help you avoid damage (but don’t overdo it so much that you’re only hindering your own escape path since you’ll have to react fast).

Decoy is decoy. Annoying to deal with but easy to mitigate. Either tank the damage or change elevation level a few times (like jumping up/down ledges but try to keep jetpack usage to a minimum) to keep Decoy damage low.

Supernova… well. Either tank it too or jetpack thrust out of it.

I find Wraith less annoying to fight than a good Kraken, but in pubs they can be equally unenjoyable. Common pub Assaults get distracted left and right by Decoy and Wraith’s fast traversals, so if you’re up against a coward Wraith and a pub Assault you’ll often be spending 90% of the dome cursing at the Assault for not doing any damage and taking too long to follow the real Wraith behind a corner.

She’s also got decent burst damage. Not “Watch me pown right through Hank’s shield” level of burst, but “Get rekt in 5 seconds if your Medic/Support isn’t nearby” level of burst.
So it can at times feel infuriating for the Wraith to win by “boring you to death”. She’d just play hide & seek all match pretending to be a bad Monster player and then when you’re finally fed up with it and start taking riskier splits, she suddenly starts fighting and downs you in a matter of seconds while your teammates are out of LoS.

99% of frustration when it comes to Wraith is from playing in pubs. Competitive players don’t suffer the problems of having bad teammates who let Wraith run around freely and bore the shit out of everyone.


Ignore supernova, shoot decoy, ignore abduct, dodge warpblast. Dunno but wraith is so weak that it’s borderline useless.


@Kepil: Why do so many people confuse “fun” with OP/UP?
Whether Wraith has low HP or Goliath is OP is not an issue of fun, it’s an issue of power.
Whether Gorgon is all about spamming your abilities is about playing as Gorgon not being fun. That doesn’t mean playing against her can’t be fun.

Yeah, I guess I need to roach more on some pillars/cliffs and keep attention at when it is doing Abduction. But it’s very hard to keep tabs on that while evading. But since I can keep tabs on Goliath while roaching I should be able to do it against Wraith, too, in theory.

Warp Blast in close range is undodgeable for me. Even if I preemptively dodge away the huge radius still hits me.

Yeah, that’s a problem besides the actual fights. You can’t really split against Wraith. The hunt becomes way more boring.

I dunno how to dodge Warp Blast. Maybe I need to look at the Wraith while evading.
And again, Wraith being weak or underpowered has nothing to do with it being fun or not to play against it.

I know I can shred through her armor in one SuperSoldier. I know with a damage combo you reck Wraiths. But still, is it a fun match? Just a shoot-out?


Well… Most wraith follow a pattern and she has a distinct animation.

No, i don’t say it’s fun or not. But its the same with roaching and tinkerbelling.


Yeah, I need to try to just look at the Wraith, shoot and wait for the Warp Blast cast animation to show. Maybe just use two boosts instead of one. Because I tried counting cooldowns and dodge preemptively but the WB still hits me. One dodge doesn’t seem to be enough.

I’ll try that next time.



As a general tip for roaching, I would recommend trying to always play with a decent pair of headphones in. Seriously, sound is so crucial in this game. If you aren’t listening for the audio clues, you are playing at a severe disadvantage. Pretty much every significant ability has a brief wind-up and a unique sound cue to let you know it’s coming. If you learn them, and listen for them in combat, you can react without even looking at the monster. Also, you should try to learn the cooldowns on hard hitting abilities like RT and WB. If you haven’t seen or heard a rock in the last seven or eight seconds, you should probably get ready to dodge, or even dodge preemptively.


Each monster requires somewhat different tactics with some exceptions. For Wraith, you just need to spread out and dish out the pain. Wraith can only focus one hunter (maybe 2 with decoy for a couple seconds).

Wraith is incredibly easy to beat. If you don’t like being focused, don’t play Medic or Support because you are the priority target.


Yeah, I know that in theory but I’m having a hard time concentrating on those in combat. I always forget to do it. :frowning:


I know but that’s not fun. At least for me it isn’t.

EDIT: Just a reminder:
This topic is not about how to beat a Wraith. I know that. It’s about that I am not having fun fighting against a Wraith. (and maybe tips for dodging Warp Blast :D)


Being focused is part of the game as Medic/Hank. If there was a way to always slip away from the monster, then the monster is screwed. At some point the monster needs to be able to lock down the Medic/Hank so he has a chance to win.

Is that fun for the Medic/Hank? Probably not, but your team should be helping you:

  • Trapper should be slowing/harpooning monster
  • Assault should be bodyblocking
  • Support/Medic should be shielding/healing

Yes relying on your team isn’t fun, but thats part of the game.


Team synergy is great in Evolve. It’s so awesome if all of you work together.
My complaint is just against Wraith I feel the only thing I can do is to rely on my team. Against all the other monsters I can actively dodge or shoot some things.

I will test if I can dodge Warp Blast with the tips other people gave me. If I suceed in that, maybe I will have more fun fighting a Wraith. ^^


wait you can dodge fricking gorgon web but not wraith wb ??? i call bullshit ^10


Absolutely the least fun monster to fight imo.

First of all ,warp blasts are too fast to dodge.You have to dodge when you think the wraith will wp on you.At closer distances,you cannot do reaction dodge and thrust outbof the radius on time

Secondly,her out of dome mobility is too much.Without jetpack recharge perks ,after 5 secobds of dome going down ,she is out of range for a harpoon/stasis etc.And i dont have time for 25 minute running simulations