So... where is it?


Asked in October if there was a Press Kit and I was answered that it would come “next week” so that would be the first week of November but I still can’t find the kit 1 month and a half later, where is it Turtle Rock? :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, does anyone know where I can find PNG images of the hunters and the monsters? I saw one here and there but I wanted to have all of the monsters and hunters.


Here is all of them in high quality. Wraith hasn’t been released yet. I’d expect it sometime after the new year.


Thanks so I expect that there’s none without the red background? The one I found with the Wraith had no red background.


I’m afraid not as far as I know - these are straight from the site, whereas the wraith one was an inside sneak peek for us!


Hello Blizz,

Press kits are not distributed by TRS, they are provided by 2K, to press, via our PR department. If you are indeed press, please PM me your name, email address, and outlet name, and I’ll get you sorted with PR.

If you meant a fan site kit, that’s completely different, but also something I can help with, and I think we’re already working on something like that.

I’m happy to help either way, especially if it benefits the entire community. Just let me know what you’re looking for.


Press/Fan Kit?

Hey Sinclair, thanks for answering, a fan site kit is exactly what I’m looking for, even more if it has the PNG images I was talking of, since that would be a great help to the making of my videos, hope you guys can deliver one soon, thanks!