So when will the Behemoth skins come out exactly?


Even though Behemoth is nothing but a Pay-to-lose Monster right now, I at least wanna look fabulous while doing it xD


Jade skins I think are given to those who got PCMR. I got a Jade skin at most.

Plus Behemoth is bugged confirmed; he dies literally too quickly. Wait for them to micropatch it then enjoy kicking ass while looking fabulous. c:


But while I wait for that patch I wanna look fabulous while losing at least xD


DIE IN STYLE! that has always been my motto

(not really my motto)


Well… I’m not gonna tell you how to look fabulous!

I’m going to play him in Solo and get his Mastery 1 things. Jade looks bad-ass I have to say. But still, I want a Savage skin for Behemoth.

I’m going to buy Kraken’s Savage Skin tomorrow hopefully and start playing him now. In all seriousness, Red+Black=The best god-damned color combination out there. It just looks so bad-ass!


Aren’t the PC monster race skins supposed to be a timed exclusive, I haven’t tried yet to buy them but they’re in the xbox store. o.o


I want savage skin that is Dark Blue and Black. Now that would look cool too. Red + Black and Blue + Black = the best monster colors ever!


I have the regular edition on ps4 and I just bought the jade skin , so…


Weird, guess the exclusivity was canceled. Bet some PC edition owners are pissed.


I don’t even see the jade skin on pc


Couldn’t agree more.

@xcrimsonlegendx I don’t think the Jade one is timed exclusive. They said it would come out when he released but I think people who have PCMR get the Jade skin for free, since I have it as well. Its all just me piecing two-and-two together.

If other people with the PCMR can come and and tell us if they also have the Jade skin that would help too.


All I know is the listings for the PCMR said it had four skins, one per monster that were to be released with Behemoth as a 30 timed exclusive because, “monster race” etc. Kinda curious.


Hey,who the hell wanna die ugly,right. Atleast when scientist look at your dead body they will say “Thats one sexy motherfµ€ker”


Wait…its a bug ? When did they announce that ?


jade skin is avaible on all the consoles


Correct, but per @THISaint it is a timed exclusive on PC.