So, when it comes to Evolve and Gmod


Does anyone know how to take models and put them into the workshop? There are a couple links to some things (yes, they are safe. I checked them myself) that I think might make it really easy for people that are used to it. I don’t know what I’m doing, or I would put them on the workshop myself.

Also, this next link is from a Topic made a long while ago when the assets of Evolve were released. There is a model Folder and it has every Hunter and Monster, but idk what to do with them.

It would be really cool to see these on Gmod and it would make it possible to make a gamemode similar to Hunt in Gmod. Evolve could come back in a really cool way!


basically, what you send to SFM has to be the complete rig, for the evolve files in question, they’re all partitioned out.

So in “theory” you could just compile them all into a rig, and export to a shared filed type with sfm.

But anything is possible if you believe in the power of friendship…