So when is behemoth getting buffed?


he takes way too much damage.

he can’t jump so all you gotta do is jump around near high areas like a monkey and he wont get you.

fix this.


That attitude.


Yeah…he does need a buff. Such a big, slow target.


The jury’s still out on that imo.


supposed to be such a big baddie then this? well my hopes of enjoying him have just gone down the drain :frowning:


Based on how quick TRS has been in the past about balance updates. I’d say in May.


I think he just needs like 15% damage reduction and he’d be good.


I’ll preface by saying I’m no monster player. Even I think Behemoth needs some kind of health/armor/damage resistance buff. How much and what kind? I don’t know, I’m not a game dev so I won’t be presumptuous and throw out numbers.


he needs a 15 to 20 percent damage reduction and he will be fine.


Or june 10char


He needs a slight boost to the radius on tongue, rock wall to be more consistent, and the ability to at least aim slowly during the final windup on lava bomb, the way fissure has it.

A few tweaks would go a long way to making him more forgiving, but the biggest mistakes I see from behemoths are pure tactical errors, so I wouldn’t say he needs a buff per say.


Make it 25-30 and ya got a deal! xD


please let us know


reduction? i thought he needed a buff o.e


damage reduction, as in he takes less damage.


2x health buff coming soon.


Or, make him unique in that he takes reduced damage everywhere (maybe 25% reduction) but his stomach. Make his stomach a 1.5x multiplier.


He is currently bugged in that he is taking more damage the he should be from all sources and angles


Yup, Exactly. @MacMan As your master, i command you to do this!!


Limbs on Monsters take .5 damage if memory serves - I think that system would be a good way to do this.

Shots on the head and spine when the back is open inflict normal damage.

Shots in the gut are still double damage.

Shots anywhere else are half damage.

If all else fails, give Behemoth more max armor.

Takes him awhile to fill it up anyway.