So when is 4v4 coming?


each monster has only one ability vs the hunters… Heck even scale down the monsters.

you could even make it a quick coop story mode thing… You already have the mechanics in place less the player slots with the deepest dark.


Short answer: It’s not coming.


Never coming


Why would it come?


I could see a 8v2 If there can be multiple Gorgons at a Time…


Please god no.


why not it wouldn’t it be fun once in a while??

besides, its not like it would be full powered monsters, actually they would be handicapped anyways.

one exotic move, no evolutions.

and it could be recreating that end scene of EVAC mode.


It sounds fun at first,but then you realize if each monster just meleed and never used an ability they would still win


That’s not true because they could put in countermeasures for melee spam. Also if 8v2 were possible wouldn’t work for them either because 2 healers.


I think trs may have already looked into alternate things like that and deemed them unviable.


Back in the day, I remember as a hunter in legacy I went against two Behemoths.

It was crazy nutz.


Yeah it was a scary thing xD