So when do you think the rotation bug will be fixed?


I have been playing loads of monster today and i have gotten to play something else than meteor goliath once.

Hunters are also reverted to the rotation ones and its getting annoying because i want to try out new monsters in this new version like gorgon and wraith but each time i try i end up as meteor goliath time and time again.


This needs to be fixed. A lot of people are saying they’re not getting the monsters or hunters they pick. I always seem to get Goliath or M Goliath with 1 point in every skill. With hunters it always seems to default to Caira/Hank/Abe/Hyde. Please fix this dev’s. You’ll see it in the steam Evolve Stage 2 forums as well.


Same for me! Its getting realy annoying! Pls fix


Hello guys!

That is one of the Devs saying they are already QA testing the fix, so it shouldn’t be long now!


Thanks for sharing.


Good, this rotation bug almost makes it un-playable. Glad your on it!


Not unplayable. just annoying, kept winning when playing as support hank.


Yeah I agree, but frustrating at times. You pick your monster and perks just to get switched to a default choice with 1 in every ability and no idea knowing what your perk is.



Fix inbound very shortly!