So when do we get a monster battle royale mode?


Build a map with a super tiny (physically, but big in area) city, have it monster v monster (or monster v monster v monster v monster, or monster + monster v monster + monster, or monster + monster + monster v monster, etc) and let everything be destructible. Boom, instant super-fun party mode for relieving stress after more tense matches. Toss in some tiny NPCs with cheesy dialogue, everyone’s havin’ fun, yo.


It would be cool to have monster vs monster…it would also be cool if when you don’t want to play monster in evac…and have it as your last choice in your role prefences, THAT YOU DON’T GET FORCED TO PLAY MONSTER ALL THE TIME!!!


agree must add


Unfortunately will never happen due to ridiculous imbalances as well as completely breaking game mechanics.


Considering it’d be a for-fun silly mode, that sounds absolutely perfect!


Sounds great in theory, but I bet it would suck in practice


But it wouldn’t really be fun for most as Kraken would dominate, what with the flying and the high damage.


Oh God I’d love to fight Kraken as Goliath, just chuckin’ rocks at that ugly bastard. My rock throws hurt like nothing else!


I wouldn’t be entirely against the idea, but unfortunately I just can’t see it happening.


Human controlled minions. Please! Let us play as the minions against AI EbonStar soldiers or even other combinations of human teams.

Two minions v 4 hunters.

4 minions v EbonStar soldiers, turrets, generators, and 1 human commander who get a bird’s eye view of the field and controls where AI bots move and defend.

I see so many possibilities with human controlled minions.


I just saw you in another thread complaining about the same thing, go complain where it will make difference


every bump you make makes a difference thanks


I know turtle rock isnt working on evolve anymore really they could bring i back by riding hype and having a 40 person hunter royale with an item that allows you to mutate into a monster for a brief time




If you want to talk about your idea we strongly suggest to create a new thread rather than reviving an old one. This encourages discussion and makes sure everyone is on the right page by reading your post.

That said, the devs did previously state that fights with more hunters and monsters brought more issues as there were limits to what the engine could handle. Plus that balancing 4v1 was already difficult on its own, so balancing something larger was just impossible with the time and resources they had.

Hope this helped!