So when are we going to get some acknowledgement?


We all know that the state of the game right now is a total and utter mess.
Balance is joke. The player base is dwindling on every platform. The game is rife with bugs.
And as much as I wish this wasn’t the case, as much as I want the game to succeed, hanging on to hope seems almost pointless now.

There has been little to no acknowledgement from the devs regarding the state of the game.
Its childish to pretend the game isn’t in dire straits, yet that seems to be what the devs are doing.
Almost half the game’s roster is broken, yet the devs keep hiding behind their “50% win rate” statistics, as if it changes anything.
The game still sits at a $60 price tag, putting it in direct competition with juggernauts like GTA that it can’t possibly hope to contend with and further hindering it’s ability to attract new players. Meanwhile the PC player base is slipping into 3 figure numbers.
Characters like Sunny and Lazarus are fundamentally broken and ill fitting to the game’s primary- oh who are we kidding, only mode.
Rescue, Nest, and Defense are all catastrophically imbalanced and go completely unplayed and as if this wasn’t bad enough almost half the game’s maps, particularly the new ones, are woefully poorly designed for Hunt mode.
And instead of trying to convince the publishers that perhaps a price drop here or a steam sale there might help generate enough interest to keep the game alive long enough to work on these issues, instead we see them wasting $100,000 on the game’s joke of an e-sports scene.
I have buyer’s remorse.
Not because I’m dissatisfied with the game (though I am), but because of all the game’s wasted potential.
Maybe I sound like I’m being too harsh, but the way things are going given another 3 months there won’t be a game to be harsh about.
I’m not saying the Devs don’t care. Evolve is Turtlerock’s baby, and has been for 7 years, but the way they seem to be pretending that things are fine is frankly patronizing.
We know you care.
We know you know things are bad.
Come on, we’re big boys.
We deserve some acknowledgement.
At this rate, is there going to be an evolve in 3 months? 6? 12?

I’m not asking for a lot. A simple-

Shit’s bad. We know. We’re working on it. Hang in there.

Would satisfy me at this point.


How is the balance a joke? Kraken is OP because of a bug and Laz is ignored, but that’s about it.
How is the competetive scene a joke?
In which way do Lazarus and Sunny not fit in with Hunt?

I see a whole lot of statements but no facts backing it up.


You’re making a great first impression here on the forums.

You’re talking to my guy all wrong. It’s the wrong tone.

Bonus points if you get the reference.


I just want to say, that about pricing,dlc,whatever is 2K responsible not TRS.

Also the 100k$ is sponsored by microsoft.


Kraken is not just OP from the bug lol its BS from the bug it needs toning down on all ability’s


Thats why Kraken has a lower win rate in competitive play then Goliath…


Please elaborate. How does it need toning down?

Is this another “Oh no, I can’t dodge these attacks, I wish they could just make them super easy to dodge, because we’re the good guys” kinda thing?

I should really keep a .txt copy of this on my desktop;

Vortex has had it’s knockback reduced signifigantly.
Vortex has had it’s radius decreased for easier dodging.

Lightning has had it’s speed tweaked to make it a constant speed at all times, therefore much easier to dodge (Here’s a hint if you still can’t dodge it. Learn the timing between initiation and actual strike. Then jetpack dodge in the most appropriate direction 0.5-1 second before impact).

Banshee mines will be getting a 1 second arming time. This means they will just sit for 1 second before chasing you.


An other everything is crap and going to hell thread yay -_-.

Evolve is 40 on Amazon btw not 60 still. Many sales for it. Best buy had buy the game get the hunters pass free. Some bugs plague the game yes but that is expected. Tired of it ? Take a break, simple.

Buyers remorse? completely opinionated. If so sell the game and leave
They already acknowledged many of the bugs and say they are working on it what else do you want?


I detect a troll thread.

But if you’re serious, then there’s really no need to hang around these forums if you’re that disappointed. Just go play something else and leave Evolve to us “people who wouldn’t know a good game if it hit us in the face”.


Christopher Walken -Joe Dirt


I’ll stab you in the face with a soldering iron!


We had like 600 people on today. :confused: Peaked at less than 900.


I’ve only played 1 match of Evolve in the last 2 weeks. Maybe I just got burnt out, but I don’t miss the game at all… Too much shit to deal with in order to get those few great moments. I’m not gonna bash the game, but I’m sure as hell not going to recommend it to anyone either lol.


And by fixing those bugs they just create more. It’s the circle of life.


This type of thread is hurtful too. Shows people the ugly side of the community. Don’t be petty, dude. TRS is a small studio and they are trying their best I am sure with the limited resources at their disposal. They also have been given a timetable by 2k to get the t5 stuff out so that even further dampens the manpower going toward fixing these bugs.

You know that they are working on it but these things take time. Because they don’t know that fixing a certain bug won’t create a new one - they aren’t giving you solid dates for a fix because there likely isn’t one. If you are unhappy with the game, you won’t be missed if you give it up because you’re creating a toxic environment for the people that do still enjoy it.


I believe macman said yesterday that the next patch is on schedule for release this week, but he’s not sure what day. Don’t quote me on that, I saw it in laz v kraken yesterday, shortly after kraken was announced winner.

  • What would be the point of the devs coming on the forum and saying “oh god everything is fucked”?
  • Halfish of the game’s roster is fine competitively, most/all of it is fine for pubs
  • The game is actually more like $30 if you shop around
  • I agree about Sunny and Laz, but they have rebalanced Sunny twice already to mitigate the effects
  • The game only really needs one good mode, most extra modes are fluff in most games
  • The “esports” scene for the game is great. The community is tiny, yet you can still watch top players compete weekly with quality casting. I wish some of the other niche games I have played had that.

The people you want to be talking to are 2K. But, they wouldn’t listen anyway. So just sit back and enjoy the ride, or get off.


I do not agree with you.

I am posting this so you know there are lots of people out there with a different opinion than your own.