So what's your rank?


Just curious as to what everyone’s ranked as currently. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ll go first. After my calibration matches (which were filled with some of the worst PUB’s I’ve ever seen), I got Bronze Elite. However, I met some cool guys who’re really good at the game and I got up to Bronze Destroyer. Currently one win against a Silver, Gold, or Bronze Destroyer will get me up to the Silver class!


I’m currently a Silver Master as Monster, I shall soon be a destroyer



Amen to that. I completed my placement matches today and sadly found myself placed in Silver Expert after going 9:1. I would have thought I’d make at least Elite but it’s been over a month since I’ve played. But I got some ten plus matches in tonight and I’m just 63 pts from Elite. I don’t know why as a Silver monster I’ve only played against one group of silver hunters of which my win got me a mere 8pts. Everything else has been bronze hunters or determining rank players where I’ll get about 1-4pts for the win. Guess it’s gonna be a grind but Im excited to get to destroyer.

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Samesies I don’t trust pug medics anymore though I’ll probably end up in the bottom of bronze if my luck holds up.

Gonna go try to do a couple matches and get my hunter ranking so I can contribute for the bucket skin.

Silver skilled. I’m happy that I’m silver annoyed thinking about the rank I could have gotten if I didn’t get paired with such bad hunters a couple times.

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Silver destroyer as monster.


Did you place in destroyer or did you work your way up there?


Silver 3 for me on Behemoth (faced 2 teams of Gold 1-3 already though…), and Silver 2 on hunters.


Started silver elite, just got to silver destroyer.


On my third placement match… Will tell soon!


Monster, or hunter?


The majestic monster

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Hope you get Silver 3+.

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I dont want to brag or anything but i was one of the first 3 monsters to get gold monster :smiley:


5th placement, wrecked by a team of silver destroyers


Bronze Destroyer :stuck_out_tongue: I blame the one “abandonment” I did. Jk I got cocky a couple times


I haven’t finished my placement matches yet. But as monster I am 3-1 so far. I think I would have been 4-0 but I got stuck with foundry and it was brutal. I’m not a great monster but they weren’t a good team. That’s a crap map. Lol.


Bronze Destroyer hunter :unamused:
Would of been higher if the game didn’t randomly stop and take me back to the Xbox Dashboard resulting in loses for me.

Gonna get my Evolve on tonight and at the weekend though. I shall aim for the silver!!!


I just got silver :stuck_out_tongue:
Finally not in Bronze O.O

In the near future
~loses a match~

… Back in Bronze ;-;

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Wins the next game: + 1 point!

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Funny enough, I lost a bunch of matches… So I lost about 25 points x 3 matches…
Won 1 game, and it gave me enough to go to 136/150 O.O

or something like that O.O

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