So whats the point of nerfing hunters and then nerfing monsters?


It kinda just defeated the whole purpose of nerfing them if your gonna nerf both lol

And can turtle rock please leave slim alone? He gets nerfef with a spore buff and then they had to take the spore buff thing away too?..vugh


Well, theoretically, no. Nerfing is there to make an ability balanced, so that it doesn’t under nor overdeliver on what it does. It’s just that some of the nerfs are very questionable and just create an imbalance on a lower efficency.


Nerf is what the audience wants, nerf is what the audience gets!



It can be because certain hunters/monsters are unbalanced, or aspects of their kit can be, so you need to nerf them both to bring them back into the fold (in cases where this is easier than buffing the other characters).
And certain nerfs may have been focused more on the fun aspect of the game than on balance


Because every body’s OP

You see Maggie’s dog is hard to lose,
and Hank’s shield isn’t fair.
He’s not Assault, that’s not his job,
And the devs don’t seem to care!

Hyde’s fire goes a bit too far,
And Abe’s Nades last for far too long,
And Cabot’s range of ‘infinite’
Seems to be a little strong.

The kraken’s flying far too fast,
it makes it hard to hit,
The goliath tanks too well for me,
And wraith? That piece of ****.

Bucket’s head just can’t be beat,
Nor can Markov’s mines,
And Griffin’s permapoon gun,
Has many monsters in a bind.

And Parnell? Please, don’t start with me,
His rockets hit too fast,
Just how can I beat someone,
who can cut his health in half?!

Val and Caira can HEAL UP?
Not fair, devs, hear my call!
At least Lazarus can’t do that-

The plants chomp me to bits,
The mammoth birds all zap me dead,
And the hell is wrong with crowbill sloths,
after four shots to the head?!

Those guys should be removed!
So should striders, Ebonstars, turrets, nomads,
They’re all throwing off my groove!


Your right everything is op especially the glaciopods