So what's going to happen now with Evolve?


So what is going to happen to Evolve? What I mean is, any new DLC, Monsters, Maps, Game modes? We know we have Elder Kraken and a new patch but I’m sure a lot of Evolve players will agree… What direction will Evolve go into now?

So what's next?
So after Update 9, what s gonna happen to the game?
So after Update 9, what s gonna happen to the game?

No new game modes, it’ll split up the player base.

There’ll be variations for T1-T3, T4 and T5 unconfirmed. ( Bucket hype! :bucket_salute:)

Hopefully new maps, there is no work in making one, that we know of.

T6, who knows. Unlikely, but hey, stuff happens.


No one knows at the moment whether there will be a t6. So far they have planned for t2 and t3 adaptations (and obviously to continue to balance the game). Anything else like maps, game modes and new characters we will have to wait and see what happens. :wink:


I’d imagine they would do T6 and variations up to T3 at least and leave it at that, at least. Maybe some new skins and they would just work on any bugs and balancing


At the very least, we’re likely to get adaptations of T4 and T5 if we are to get anything beyond T1-3 adaptations. I’m expecting another tier or two of characters, but nothing’s confirmed.


As far as we know right now.

  • They are making adaptations T1-T3

  • T4- T5 are a possibility but not confirmed.

  • Balance and gameplay fixes and tweaks

It’s possible that a new map may pop up here and there but I don’t think they’re working one at the moment.

I would love more game modes that could be inserted into evacuation. Maybe even a new defend map for that purpose.

And T6 and up is always a possibility as long as the playerbase and demand are there. My opinion anyway.


Not a big fan of new hunters over and over, it seriously compromise game’s balance with all the new comps it implies.

Why not just new maps, new wildlife or Ajax monster ?


DOOOOOOM! I will end you beast!


i pray for tier 6!!!


I don’t know what will happen, but i’m sure about one thing that there won’t be: nothing.
For what the devs are teasing recently i think we will se stuff bigger than a new tier, hype-wise.
I’m sure that TRS is reserving big surprises for us, and pretty soon too (no TM mark).
So stay tuned :wink:


is it a giant monster who has the force and throws fire out of his mouth while singing

and who knows what else


Look at smite. They drop a new God every month or so. They’ve got about 40(?) gods in total already. I’m not sure of the exact number lol.
Two different games naturally, but the team comps that can be made are awesome. And I feel that evolve can be the same way.
As a Hunter main, I wouldn’t mind seeing 2 new monsters released first before new hunters. Gives more variety to the game for both sides.


we need 100 monsters


Lol. And 100 hunters.


lets not forget the hundred adaptions aswell


Plus a variant for each character. :stuck_out_tongue:


u done got ninga’d :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Of each class :smiley_cat:


I think even some of the most die hard fans of the game would get tired of paying for that much. Plus by the time that much rolled around the player base would have dried up and moved on, even bug fans would have moved on by then.
Plus I really don’t think we need any more Hunters. One more Monster would be nice to make it an even 6, but it may be hard to come up with a really good monster design and if so just leave it. I would rather the current number instead of something that was slapped together.