So what will be new in the full game?


I really loved the beta but unfortunately I feel as though we were given too much too early. I have pretty much everything unlocked that I was able to unlock in a reasonable amount of time. Yes the game play is fun but I feel there might not be enough different in the full game.


Mostly the different modes and the other maps. I still just want to play the beta content personally, so I’m not too worried. :smile:


I’m assuming you were on xb1? If not then you still have the modes; nest, rescue, and defend to try out as well as Evacuation.
Also in the full game we can play custom matches and set them up how we like
I think a large part of the replayability of this game will be the different play-styles the people you’re playing with use, making it feel like a slightly different game each time.
Apart from that they will release more stuff later on to try and help its longevity, some as paid DLCs(characters and skins) and other stuff as free DLC (maps and gamemodes)