So, what skins are available on YOUR platform?


I know, I know another skin thread. Sorry about that, but I just have some questions for other players or the devs or anyone who can answer them.

First off, here’s what I had via the Evolve in-game store last night on the PS4 (only mentioning new stuff):

-Cosmic skin pack and individual Cosmic skins
-Jade skin for Behemoth
-Savage skin for Wraith
-Savage skin for Kraken

-random Predator skins, but no pack

-Val’s Predator skin, but no pack

-nothing new

-Leviathan skin pack, but nothing for Sunny

Please note I’m just doing this from memory and perhaps things have changed since today is the actual release day. At any rate, here’s my questions:

Why are there random Predator skins for SOME of the characters when the Predator skins for the Trappers were free for completing the community challenge? Also, why no packs?

What are the PC Monster Race skins if we on PS4 can buy the Cosmic and Jade skins?

Why did support get a brand new set of skins in the Leviathan pack, but none of the other classes did and Sunny isn’t even included?

Also, do the skins on YOUR particular platform differ from what I’ve listed?

Thanks in advance for any info anyone can give!


Bumping this in hopes of any replies. Anyone? Anyone?


All of that is also available on PC. I recived the cosmic and Jade skins for free. I pre-ordered the Monster Race Edition on Steam. So I’m not sure what variable gave me those skins for free. The savage Wraith and Kraken did cost money. I already had the Goliath Savage skin from the Pre-order.