So...What really happen to Markovs eye?


So i been thinking last “what really happen to markovs eye ?”. Does anybody know what happened to him ? Yeah,for a big russian dude…he’s pretty smart. Unlike hyde…all he know is melting faces…and thats why he’s basass
So tell me guys if you know. I would love to read each and single one of it.


I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess work related accident.
Welding man.
Dangerous business.


His first gun was a red ryder.


He tried going stage 4


I have a guess that he survived a really hard accident. And, well, in relation to it, started doing planet taming.


Maybe he had it removed by choice for an upgrade?

Too bad he didn’t go for the laser eye vision attachment :unamused:


My theory:

He actually had his eye when he joined the group but he ‘accidentally’ walked in on Val changing so one of his eyes were ‘destroyed’ so now he replaced it with a video recorder so next time he accidentally walks in on Val again he will have no regrets.




Markov is hard core! He learns from his mistakes.


Not like hyde…he embrace his mistakes ,be an asshole,and…he will melt your face like what he did to his left side of his face


Laser attachment is go for me. #illuminaticonfirmed


Mybe,just maybe,it was……Dune Bettles


Actually, his eye and all that metal around it are just fakes. He overheard that Val likes metalheads and took it too literally.


If thats the case…then hes more of an idiot than hyde.


If you spent all your time with peeps like Griffin, Hyde, Hank, oh god LAZ…you’d be blind too.


The power of love :kissing_heart:


Aint it obvious your parents weren’t lying when they said masturbation makes your blind, he stopped just in time to save his other eye.


Oh sorry, we’re not singing?


Not yet my friend. But we will on their wedding day