So What Perks Do You Use With Kala?


I’ve been using capacity for the armour reducer, I would use reload for the teleporter but I’m not sure how much time it shaves off them.


I use capacity increase or movement speed :stuck_out_tongue:


Capacity. Every time.


I like movement speed and health regen. I like movement speed because I can cross large distances to set up teleporters more quickly, and it helps to rush through a portal/around a pillar when I’m being focused. Health regen is always nice in pub games, because you can’t trust the medics, and it’s really helpful for surviving as the last hunter. I find that her reload speed and capacity are fine as is, because by the time it runs out it’s typically time for me to start running anyway.


Reload, all the time :stuck_out_tongue:


Capacity is like for Blitz-Markov a pain for the Monster
my beauty Gorgon hv feel it many times by a good kala or Blitzkov


Reload for me


Reload. With like every character. Except QS on slim.


If it’s any medic other than Lazarus, Capacity for the siren missles and reducer. If it’s a Lazarus I’ll run health regen unless I’m confident in his abilities. I always run capacity. Not much point in the other perks unless you feel you need more mobility or whatnot


Movement speed. Not sure why, it just feels right.


Her default capacity for siren missles is 5, you can set 6 siren mines. Capacity boosts 5 to 7 so you can set all 6 mines in one clip. With that perk and a capacity perk from wildlife, it’s boosted to 8. The default capacity is alright but boosting it makes all the difference.


I like to go jetpack recharge >.<


@Terry_Locke Exactly! I always go with Health Regen for that same reason. When I’m :assault: :trapper: or :support: But not :medic: I usally be Emet because you can heal youself with Buoys. When I’m Medic, I always go with Jet recharge to keep up with my team and boost out of danger more quickly.


Reload or Movement.


Capacity is pointless, since your dont need it for your armour reduction, nor your sirens.
You’d get more utility out of MoveSpeed, or JetPack. Mobility is a key part of how to make Kala effective and every little bit helps.

Damage is also another possibility (but not recommended).

Personally, i’m starting to toy with JumpHeight, but its entirely map dependent.


I like capacity on Kala, mostly for the armor reducer .


I go reload speed.


I didn’t got to play her that much yet, but I think I will neither choose relaod nor capacity.
Capacity doesn’t seem worth taking for the siren missiles, and choosing a perk for a tool that is only usefull as long as the monster has armor, doesnt seem the best choice.
Same goes for reload speed.
I don’t think Movementspeed or Jetpackrecharge are the optimal choice either, as it seems to me that Kala should be a little slower than the trapper to be outside the dome and plant a teleporter right at the edge.
Jump Height… yeah, no. I see no reason for it, and honestly I cant deal with it at all.
I dont really see any reason to pick Quick Switch either, if the Armor reducer was instant maybe but not like that.
Health Regen could be a choice, depending on how good I turn out to kite when the last person standing. But in most situations DR should prove better.
That leaves DI to choose which might be usefull with the siren mines.


As Kala, HP regen and and movement speed. If the team is reliable I’ll go with capacity.

Playing with Kala, movement speed in general is very good.


Reload. Going to start looking at other perks though.