So…what is this thing

On the south west coast of the weather control tower there’s this giant dead whale,crocodile thing. I don’t know what the hell this thing is,but I’m gonna hope new wildlife👍.


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No one knows for sure, could be a ‘Leviathan’ which was originally a dangerous wildlife that lived in the ocean, before it was scrapped.

pic plz :frowning:

I’ll get one when I go home. It’s hollowed out like an Armadon,so I’ll assume the reavers got to it.

It would be fun if they make an easter egg of it. Like the monster and hunters must look at the ocean for ten second then suddenly it pops out

They considered the prospect, but deemed it a waste of resources. As in in game resources- why put in a useless fish when you can have more wildlife to interact with?

And yes, it’s most likely a Leviathan. Read about them here:

I’ve read that. It looks so cool. He has a derp face,but he looks so cool.

Its a fire whale from cairas lore story it fits the description its just a little pale and deflatted from decompositon.

But that was on Earth,not on Shear.

Here’s a pic